BBQ Essentials for Springtime Cookouts

The early spring months and their warmer days cause us all to come out of our winter hibernation. We begin to sniff out good grub and that starts around the grill. Nothing beats a...

Be Prepared, Pt. 2

by: Talon Smith, US NAVY Corpsman In the last issue of Hook & Barrel, I lightly touched on preparing for the worst case scenario. There is a plethora of knowledge I didn’t hit on and...

The Science of Camo

How mathematical principles can win the concealment game. In the crowded camouflage industry, different brands that specialize in particular hunting niches provide consumers an array of camo patterns to choose from. Most claim to be...

What Do I Need to Bring?

A question I often receive is, “What should I bring with me on my hunt?” My first and somewhat sarcastic response generally entails something along the lines of “Bring a good attitude, a sense...

Gear Up

On the water. On the town. In the field.

Camo Makes the Man

For a growing number of the outdoor sporting crowd, it is no longer good enough to simply dress appropriately for a hunting or fishing trip. Every outdoorsman knows, or should know, the clothing essentials...

Casting About in the Bush

Geoff Moore grew up in the Canadian bush where his father worked as a bush pilot transporting loggers, miners and sportsmen deep into the British Columbia wilderness known as the Cariboo-Chilcotin. He cast his...



Saving the Bobwhite Quail

The Battle Against Ticks

Getting Into Hunting Shape

What Do I Need to Bring?