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best trail cameras under $100

Here Are the 10 Best Trail Cameras Under $100 That Will Help You Fill Your Tags

If there’s one thing hunters know all too well, it’s that research and planning are a major part of any hunt. Mapping out the land, scouting for game activity, and knowing what type of gear to bring for certain hunting areas all aid in yielding a successful hunt when it’s “go time.” Let’s be real here, showing up on opening day of deer or elk season to a place you’ve never been before may as well be the equivalent of purchasing a home site unseen. Both are bad ideas and are bound to end in disaster.

This is why we must thank modern technology for the blessing that is the trail camera. Trail cameras offer crucial insights into animal behavior and movement patterns which allows you to pick the most ideal spot to hunt. Trail cameras also provide valuable intelligence on the size, health, and habits of your quarry. Additionally, game cameras enable hunters to monitor specific areas remotely, reducing disturbance to the environment and minimizing human scent that will almost certainly scare off wary game. What’s more, trail cameras keep you aware of other animals within your intended hunting spot which may or may not alter your plans (think bears, wolves, or mountain lions).

Because we like it when our readers are prepared for the wild, we put together a list of the best trail cameras under $100 so that everyone can increase their chances of success this fall.

Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera Combo – $99.99

 Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera Combo

First on our list of trail cameras under $100 is the Moultrie Mobile EDGE Cellular Trail Camera Combo. This camera features the acclaimed Moultrie EDGE camera paired with a rechargeable battery pack. This combination delivers continuous, reliable power for extended periods of time, allowing you to achieve superior results effortlessly.

The trail camera itself comes with built-in memory and unlimited cloud storage, eliminating the need for external memory cards. It features a high-performance sensor that obtains detailed images at 33 megapixels and records 720p videos with sound. A 40-degree field of view from a large passive infrared (PIR), coupled with a .85-second trigger, and an 80-foot detection and flash range ensures comprehensive coverage and full-frame shots—perfect for capturing a snapshot of those ever-elusive trophy bulls and bucks. Its low-glow infrared flash delivers exceptional nighttime pictures without startling wildlife. The camera includes a Cellboost antenna for excellent connectivity, which folds down for ease of transport.

You can also access the Moultrie Mobile app with plans that start at $9.99 per month. The app allows for remote access, species recognition, activity charting, and much more.

Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera – $80.97

Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera

Next on our list of trail cameras under $100 is the user-friendly Spypoint Force-20 Trail Camera. It offers 20 megapixels to ensure every detail is captured vividly, no matter the light condition. It includes versatile features such as multi-shot, time-lapse, and video modes. The multi-shot mode can snap up to five images per detection, while the customizable time-lapse schedule can be programmed to go off at specific times. Even under low-light conditions, its 48 low-glow LEDs ensure superior infrared image quality for nighttime photos.

Wildgame Innovations Kicker 2.0 18MP Trail Camera – $49.99

Wildgame Innovations Kicker 2.0 18MP Trail Camera

The Wildgame Innovations Kicker 2.0 18MP Trail Camera excels at obtaining high-resolution photos and recording up to 15 seconds of 720p HD video. Its swift trigger speed and 16:9 image ratio ensure full-frame shots even when wildlife is in motion. Equipped with 36 black LEDs, it illuminates subjects up to 60 feet away, delivering excellent nighttime photos and videos. Each capture includes time, date, and moon phase stamps for data tracking.

SpyPoint Flex-M Cellular Trail Camera – $79.99

SpyPoint Flex-M Cellular Trail Camera

The SpyPoint Flex-M Cellular Trail Camera obtains high-resolution 28-megapixel photos and 720p video clips with sound, providing detailed views of wildlife activity in the woods. Its Constant Capture technology offers continuous footage capture, eliminating any chance of missing out on game animal activity. With a rapid 0.4-second trigger speed, the camera adjusts settings dynamically for optimal image quality under current conditions. Detection and flash ranges extend up to 90 feet. The SpyPoint Flex-M includes four capture modes—Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+.

The SpyPoint app simplifies camera management with easy activation, customizable maps, and real-time weather updates. Innovative Buck Tracker technology enhances functionality by employing AI image recognition to sort images with species filters. Lastly, the camera is compatible with microSD cards up to 512GB.

Moultrie Micro-42 Trail Camera Kit – $79.99

Moultrie Micro-42 Trail Camera Kit

For those who prefer their cameras on the more discreet side, the Moultrie Micro-42 Trail Camera Kit is an excellent choice. Its compact size ensures easy concealment while taking ultra-HD 42-megapixel images and HD 720-resolution videos. Each shot is marked with essential details like time, date, temperature, camera ID, and moon phase. Customize your surveillance with multiple capture modes and adjustable between-capture intervals.

With a quick .4-second trigger speed, a 70-foot detection range, and a 100-foot flash range, this trail camera delivers swift and clear snaps day or night. It operates on 4 AA batteries (included) with a capacity to capture up to 13,000 images on a full charge. The camera’s non-cellular design is best suited for areas with limited cellular reception or “dead zones.”Also, the camera includes Managed Memory for efficient image storage.

Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 Cellular Trail Camera – $99.98

Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 Cellular Trail Camera

The compact and sturdy Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 Cellular Trail Camera withstands the elements while staying inconspicuous. It snaps clear 16-megapixel daytime photos effortlessly and through its app, you can request HD videos and photos whenever needed. Featuring Low Glo IR technology and a quick-firing trigger speed, it captures action seamlessly day or night without startling wildlife.

Stealth Cam Browtine 18MP Trail Camera – $49.97

Stealth Cam Browtine 18MP Trail Camera

The Stealth Cam Browtine 18MP Trail Camera is equipped with a range of features for reliable performance. The camera takes photos at 18 megapixels with options for 8-megapixel and 4-megapixel resolution and records videos in 480p. Its infrared LED flash with 18pcs of 850nm LEDs provides a clear view up to 80 feet. With a swift 0.8-second trigger speed and burst mode capturing 1-3 photos per trigger, it ensures you capture every moment quickly and efficiently. The camera supports up to a 32GB SD card for ample storage and includes a tinted FX shield for enhanced concealment.

Moultrie Mobile EDGE 2 – $99.99

Moultrie Mobile EDGE 2

Meet the Moultrie Mobile EDGE 2—a game camera designed to be the ultimate tool for die-hard hunters. Building upon the innovative foundation of the EDGE, this updated model features cutting-edge technologies such as Auto Connect and Built-in Memory. With the EDGE 2, you can trigger photos or videos and adjust settings anytime using the On Demand feature. It offers a swift 0.40-second trigger speed for quick captures along with an extended detection and flash range of up to 100 feet. Snap stunning 36-megapixel images and vibrant 1080p videos with sound, supported by an expanded 50-degree field of view for comprehensive monitoring. What’s more, the EDGE 2 includes a low-glow flash that ensures effective long-range night vision.

The only downside? It’s not available yet but you can submit your contact info now to be notified when the camera is in stock.

Muddy Pro Cam 16 Trail Camera – $39.99

Muddy Pro Cam 16 Trail Camera

The Muddy Pro Cam 16 Trail Camera takes vivid 16-megapixel full-color images during the day and clear 2-megapixel monochrome images at night, ensuring clear visibility in all conditions. It utilizes 18 high-efficiency LEDs to produce an invisible flash that extends up to 50 feet to obtain images of wildlife without spooking them. Featuring a backlit LCD screen, it facilitates easy navigation under any lighting condition.

The camera records videos ranging from 10 to 60 seconds in length, triggered by its 1.5-second trigger speed with a 2-second burst interval for capturing up to 6 shots per activation. Each image is stamped with details like date, time, temperature, camera ID, and moon phase.

Stealth Cam QS20 Trail Camera – $69.99

Stealth Cam QS20 Trail Camera Combo

Last on our list of trail cameras under $100 is the Stealth Cam QS20 Trail Camera. This camera blends stealth and precision with cutting-edge technology, delivering a 20-megapixel photo resolution and the capability to take 720p HD video. Its 0.8-second trigger speed ensures every critical moment is captured—eliminating concerns about missing a picture of that bruiser you’ve been dreaming about!

The camera is equipped with 18 850nm LEDs and an 80-foot IR range to deliver clear and sharp nighttime images without blurring. The camera features an 80-foot detection range, burst mode for 1-3 images per triggering, and adjustable recovery timeout options (5/10/15/30/60 seconds). It includes a tinted FX shield PIR and IR array, as well as time, date, and moon phase image stamps for the sake of data tracking.

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from sales generated by our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Trail Camera Review
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