Monday, October 18, 2021

Friendship Has its Limits

STORY BY JIM MIZE When I saw my hunting partner shuffling through the woods with his pants around his ankles while he fanned a backside so white you needed polarized glasses for the glare, my...

Smokeless and the Bandit

STORY BY DARREN DONALDSONILLUSTRATION BY SAM MORTON Some men do some pretty stupid things to impress women, when all they have to do to woo her is buy flowers, make dinner, and watch any movie...

A Captain, a Journalist, and an Artist Walk Into a Bar

BY DARREN DONALDSON - ILLUSTRATION BY SAM MORTON Every year, I meet my good buddies, Harry and Justin, in Cabo. There is usually some level of shenanigans and calamity by the end of the trip,...

The No Turkey Poster Boy

BY BRUCE COCHRAN | ILLUSTRATION BY BRUCE COCHRAN There are two types of turkey hunters; run-and-gun guys and sit-and-hope guys. Before I became a sit-and-hope guy, I was a run-and-gun guy; charging toward the first...
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Firearms Safety 1.01

Story and Illustration by Bruce Cochran When I was a kid, every time I screwed up and Dad chewed me out I’d shrug my shoulders and say, “Well, experience is the best teacher.” He would...
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Tastes Like Chicken – Cooking Squirrels

Cooking Squirrels Around my grandparents’ house in the 1970s, we fished and hunted with only one rule: “If you kill it, you have to eat it.” I learned that rule one afternoon as a boy of...

The Three Degrees of Lostness Explained

Did you know there were three degrees of lostness? There are, and none of them have anything to do with your car’s GPS going black halfway between your garage and the grocery store. Fortunately...
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The Truth About Armadillos Exposed

Armadillo Hunting There is no such thing as an armadillo. The “creature” purported to be an armadillo is, in fact, a hoax originally concocted by the Arizona highway department as a way to add interest...

Sunblock? I don’t need no stinking sunblock!

Have you ever been obsessed with something? I don’t mean like, gee, I’d like to have one of those. I mean like having an itch you can’t quite reach and that won’t go away....
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Top Five Most Annoying Fishing Buddies

5 Most Annoying Fishing Buddies  If you are a serious fisherman, you know the struggle is real for finding an ideal fishing buddy. It is not that your standards are too high—it is the fact that the world is overrun with...