Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Point and Shoot w/ Jenna Kaye Forbes

STORY BY BARRY WISE SMITH - Name: Jenna Kaye Forbes - Age: 26 - Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky - Current Residence: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - Instagram: @_jennakaye and @jennakaye30aphotography 1) Tell me about growing...

Meet Holly Stocks

After growing up and moving all around the country for her father’s business, Holly Stocks has put down roots in Nashville and is spreading her creative wings. STORY BY BARRY WISE SMITH Holly Stocks Age:...

Red Hot

With over 300,000 Instagram followers and 127,000 YouTube subscribers, Heidi Hoback shares her life and her love of the outdoors with the world. STORY BY BARRY WISE SMITH Name: Heidi Hoback Age: 27 Hometown: Salem,...

Golden Girl – Dania Vizzi

Dania Vizzi was a Juilliard-bound dancer until she did a 180 and set her sights on becoming a world-class skeet shooter. STORY BY BARRY WISE SMITH               - Dania (pronounced Don-ya) Vizzi               - Age: 25               - Hometown: Tampa, Florida               -...
Hook and Barrel Jan Feb 2021 Trophy Room Tetiana Gaidar 5

Shooting for the Stars – Ukrainian Model Tetiana Gaidar

Tetiana Gaidar, a Ukrainian model, actress, dancer, and competitive shooter, is poised to make her mark in America Tetiana GaidarHometown: Kiev, UkraineCurrent Residence: Los AngelesInstagram: @tetianagaidar Tetiana Gaidar grew up in a family of scientists in...
hook and barrel sarah beth lawhorn tiaras and treestands feature

Tiaras and Treestands – Sarah Beth Lawhorn

Pageant Winner and Reality Show Contestant Sarah Beth Lawhorn Love of the Outdoors Pageant winner and reality show contestant Sarah Beth Lawhorn shoots it straight on her love of the outdoors.  Name: Sarah Beth Lawhorn Age: 31 Hometown: Jackson,...

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff - Kristen Ottea is a Model Turned Taxidermist Kristen Ottea is a model turned taxidermist who takes great pride in her art and her sport. Kristen Ottea  Age: 28 Hometown: Bulverde, Texas Instagram: @kristenottea Website: otteataxidermy.com  Kristen Ottea...
Shannon Ihrke feature

Semper Fi – Shannon Ihrke

Shannon Ihrke – Brave, Beautiful, and Badass Marine Photos by Thomas Prusso Age—31Hometown—Pine River, MinnesotaInstagram—@shannonihrke Tell me about growing up in Pine River?I grew up in a really small town in Northern Minnesota. I was a total...

Three Cheers for Allison Renn!

The accomplished angler and former NFL cheerleader talks chasing reds and reeling in an epic tarpon in her home state. Name: Allison Renn Age: 26 Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida Instagram: @allisonrenn H&B: You’re a Florida girl. Where did you grow...
Professional Angler Skye Burkhardt feature

Skye’s the Limit

Professional Angler Skye Burkhardt on Fishing, Family, and her Gnarly Tattoos  Name - Skye Burkhardt Age - 32 Hometown - Longwood, Florida Current Residence - Edgewater, Florida Instagram - @brassyhooker87 Skye Burkhardt grew up fishing with her father...