Wednesday, October 20, 2021
marine art fish painting feature

Making Waves | Marine Art

Marine Art Captures the Imagination of Those Who Love the Sea. Those who love the outdoors appreciate the quiet solitude and breathless adrenaline rush depicted in sporting art, a genre that showcases the world of...

The Enforcer | Texas Game Warden Randolph McGee

Lone Star Laws | Texas Game Wardens To protect the state’s wild animals and wild places, Lone Star Law’s Texas Game Warden Randolph McGee puts dealing with people first. Photos by...
silver state foundry hook and barrel feature

A Silver State of Mind

The Silver State Foundry Creates Magnificent Jewelry from American History Several years ago, when I founded Hook & Barrel, I was on a trip to visit a friend in Costa Rica just after the release...
Duck Dynasty Summer Camp feature

Outdoor Summer Camp – Duck Dynasty Style

Outdoor Summer Camp – Learning to Love the Outdoors Photo Credit: Angila Summitt When his father dropped him off for a week-long hunting-and-fishing camp in the piney woods of North Louisiana, the 14-year-old boy from Indiana...
Hook and Barrel Jan Feb 2021 Medicine X Field Medic Training 4

Medicine X

Medicine X - A Tactical Photos by John J. Radzwilla “It ain’t relevant ‘till it is.” You could spend countless hours reading the latest stats from the CDC, FBI, and Bureau of Justice Statistics on the...

High Dollar Decoys

The indigenous cultures first enticed ducks and geese to approach decoys woven from nearby reeds and grasses. Neither they nor the generations of artists who’ve followed could ever have anticipated how decoy collecting would...
Hook and Barrel Taxidermy

True to Life

True to Life – Splitting Image Taxidermy Tells Hunting Stories Through Artistry Splitting Image Taxidermy tells stories of the hunt through meticulously crafted artistry that celebrates the beauty of wildlife. Since 2004, Douglas Cockcroft, owner of...

Woods Valley Farm – For Sale

A Unique History of Land Stewardship For Sale – Woods Valley Farm  The 1,900-acre Woods Valley Farm, located in the ancient hills of the Missouri Ozarks near the quaint Meramec River town of Steelville, is...