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Dovehunting in Argentina is an affordable and easy overnight direct flight from Dallas or Houston to Buenos Aires. Located in the Central Time Zone, you’ll enjoy zero jet lag, arriving to your lodge by lunchtime.
One such destination, La Portenita Lodge, just 40 miles north of Cordoba, is as idyllic as it is luxurious. Spend your day hunting in the countryside until cocktail hour, where your freshly-bagged dove are served as appetizers and accompany exquisite wines and cocktails on silver platters.
Dinner is beef-centric with more wine, of course, and lasts until the wee hours. Multiday stays boast morning and afternoon hunts, with in-field asadas (Argentine barbecues) and cot-and-net siestas – truly unique experiences not to be missed.
Book your hunt through: www.anglersandhunters.com


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