Famous Hunters: 11 Celebrities That Love to Hunt

From country music stars and football players to entrepreneurs and models, plenty of celebrities enjoy setting aside time to hunt. Here are a few famous hunters that sat down with us to speak about splitting their time between the bright lights and the great outdoors.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

In addition to his career in NASCAR, one of the many things Earnhardt Jr. shared with his father was a love for the outdoors. Earnhardt Jr. describes his memories of hunting with his father and dreams of taking his daughters out on trips with him one day.

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Tim Kennedy Famous Hunter

Tim Kennedy

Green Beret Tim Kennedy is a true American Patriot. Not only is he a decorated soldier, but he is also a sniper, a black belt, a successful business owner, a published author, an avid outdoorsman, a father, and a husband. Even so, Kennedy still finds time to hunt. Kennedy sits down with us to discuss his seasonal cull hunt and finding peace within the wildlife.

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Lee Brice

Lee Brice

American country music star, Lee Brice loves all things hunting and fishing. In this exclusive interview, Brice gives us his top 5 spots across the United States to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Phil Robertson Duck Commander

Phil Robertson

Born and raised in Louisiana, Phil Robertson made a name for himself with his successful Duck Commander business and TV show Duck Dynasty. Robertson speaks on growing up living off the land, duck hunting, and creating his own duck call.

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Josh Kline

Josh Kline

Josh Kline is a well-known NFL offensive lineman with a Super Bowl ring to show for it. But, did you know he enjoys a turkey hunt when off the field? Read the story of Kline’s first successful turkey hunt.

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Kaitlyn Lowes

Kaitlyn Lowes

Kaitlyn Lowes is Pulsar Night Vision’s pro-staffer, Sports Illustrated swimsuit finalist, and social media influencer by day, and a predator hunter by night. Lowes finds her spot on this list of famous hunters by detailing her strategy for hunting coyotes to us.

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Chris Janson Famous Hunter

Chris Janson

When Chris Janson isn’t headlining sold-out tours or competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, he can be found spending time with his family outdoors. Janson speaks with us about his music, balancing work and home life, and his love of hunting and fishing.

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Joe Barto NSSF President

Joe Barto

Who better to feature on a list of famous hunters than the National Shooting Sports Foundation President himself, Joe Barto? Barto speaks on the importance of keeping the tradition of hunting alive and how he advocates for the sport.

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Riley Green Famous Hunter

Riley Green

Riley Green is a country music star, best known for his Top 40 single “There Was This Girl”. Even with his ever-increasing fanbase, Green finds time to balance his fame with his other passion for deer hunting. Famous hunter, Riley Green, reminisces on his childhood in Alabama, his first show, and the bliss of being out in the woods.

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Michael Waddell Famous Hunter

Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell, host of the TV series Bone Collector, grew up in Georgia and claimed the title of turkey-calling champion when he was only a teen. Through generations of tactics, talent, and experience, Waddell made a name for himself as one of the best turkey hunters of all time. This famous hunter explained his unique tactics when it comes to taking down a turkey in an interview with us.

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Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Singer-songwriter, Ted Nugent, knows his way around a bow and arrow. Nugent started taking an interest in archery at a young age. Now, he continues to maximize life’s wild adventures on stage and in the great outdoors.

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