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Forloh BTM Pro Pant

FORLOH’s BTM Pro Brush Pants Provide Next-Level Outdoor Performance

When it comes to brush pants, I hate them. They suck. They are scratchy, flex like a pair of Carhartts, and are generally so baggy and oversized that even MC Hammer would pass. Until I slipped on a pair of FORLOH’s BTM Pro Brush Pants. 

I was in northern Alberta on a spring bear hunt. We were not only pushing through some rough country but were also dealing with swarms of mosquitos (ripstop stops bites I discovered) and enduring long sits in blinds. The perfect time to bust these puppies out of my ruck, I thought.  

Slipping them on, my first impression was, “Damn, these guys may have finally made a pair of brush pants I’ll wear.” They were tailored for athletic outdoorsmen like me. They had 4-way stretch fabric paneling placed in all the areas that needed it—inner thighs, crotch, waist, and knees—yet were armored with ripstop in all of the critical areas, too. To top it off, FORLOH included two knee pad pockets to insert optional molded knee pads to give additional protection. 

Crafted to endure harsh terrain, the BTM Pro Brush Pants are entirely sourced and made in the USA with waxed nylon and cotton blend ripstop fabric that is water and tear-resistant. Although rugged and durable, the pants also offer breathability, ease of movement, and all-around comfortable wear. 

forloh btm pro brush pants

Additionally, something you don’t always see in your typical Mossy Oak Walmart jobs are the strategically placed zippered side vents for temperature and moisture regulation – something I appreciated on the treks to the blind and during warmer afternoon sits.  

“The BTM Pro Brush Pants are next level, and we’re 100% confident that our customers and fans are going to love it. Our goal is always to push the technology and materials, and the BTM Pro reflects that,” said Andy Techmanski, Founder and CEO of FORLOH. “It’s all about the wax. The emulsion treatment itself improves water, abrasion, and thorn resistance by over 50% and can be reapplied in the field using one of our wax bars in five minutes or less. You can apply more wax to increase abrasion protection as needed for the field conditions of the day. And we wanted to offer a USA-made option in a waxed pant to the consumer from a recognized brand.” 

Another added value to these pants is the well-thought-out, front-of-thigh cargo pockets. Not only are they easily accessible while trudging through the bush, but they are also extremely well placed for when you are sitting and waiting on a bear, for instance.  

Last, to keep you fresh and less detectable to game, the BTM Pro Brush Pants features two scent-control technologies, Polygiene® Stay Fresh® antimicrobial and Odor Crunch®.  

Final thoughts? Yeah, these will make my personal kit. I have tried a lot of brush pants in my day but have given most of them away in the end. These though are keepers. In the famous words of MC Hammer, you can’t touch this!

Forloh BTM Pro Pant

BTM Pro Brush Pants are available now for $259 and come in a solid variety of colors. Additional releases include the P12 Knee Pads ($25) and the Wax Bar ($20), which are sold separately. 

About FORLOH: 

FORLOH is a technical outdoor brand, launched in 2020, with gear and clothing that is 100% made in the USA. Based in Whitefish, Montana, FORLOH uses a “no-concessions” approach to product development and design, so outdoor enthusiasts can forge deeper connections with the outdoors through its range of award-winning products. FORLOH apparel features leading-edge innovations from other industries, including NASA and the automotive industry, creating unique and exclusive performance benefits. All products come with a lifetime warranty and are distributed through two physical locations, one in Whitefish, MT, and the other in Austin, TX, and its website, at FORLOH.com. 

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