Hook & Barrel Pitch Guidelines

The best way to get a “yes” from us is to familiarize yourself with Hook & Barrel magazine.  We encourage you to study, not simply read, the magazine. Many pieces are not accepted because they do not fit the tone or style of Hook & Barrel.

Hook and Barrel Cover Photo of Chris JansonHook & Barrel magazine is a bi-monthly magazine based in Texas and distributed nationwide with a heavy controlled distribution in the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Our publication focuses on hunting and fishing, style and trends, and outdoor culture, through articles on celebrities, food, drink, fitness, music, travel and adventure.

Writers are encouraged to submit queries on article ideas. These should be no more than a page, and should include a summary of the idea, including the angle you will hang the story on, and a sense of what makes this piece different from all others on the same or a similar subject.

Articles and essays must conform to the topic and word count agreed upon between contributor and editor(s). We use Chicago style and quality is expected. We consider submissions of articles with or without photos. We are not able to reply to every inquiry, but if we’re interested or have questions, we will contact you.

Hook and Barrel Magazine Issue January February 2019We typically assign articles several months ahead of publication; so if your piece is seasonally sensitive, contact us far in advance. All features and many of the other sections follow a theme each issue. Features run from 1,000 to 1,800 words. Most other sections run about 800 words.

Color photographs from professional freelance photographers are used and selected according to their creative and technical merits. All work should adhere to professional standards; sharp focus, accurate color, intelligent composition, etc. Although showing the steps involved in hunting and fishing is essential, we are constantly on the lookout for photos that go beyond the obvious and bring the viewer into the action. We encourage you to think journalistically to find the narrative in what you see. In other words, try to tell a story. Instead of focusing only on the kill or catch, photograph what preceded the moment and what followed–the small details as well as the vistas. Watch for opportunities to inject humor, whimsy, irony, frustration, joy… The passion for the sport.

*** We rarely publish harvest pictures.

Photographic submissions must be high-resolution digital images (a minimum of 300dpi) that are sharp and properly exposed (low-res images may be emailed to the editor for initial review, but high-res finals are required for publication). Hook & Barrel magazine buys first North American publication rights and limited electronic rights and pays upon publication.

Right now we only pay for print, but if you have articles that need play online, we are more than willing to publish them (assuming they meet H&B standards). Just keep in mind, at this time, we do not compensate for digital content.

Hook and Barrel Magazine Rob Riggle Cover November December 2018 Issue

One last thing, we are always open to stories that are non-endemic to our industry. There is more to hunting and fishing than just the actual sports. There is a whole lifestyle that surrounds them. Think travel, cigars, food and drink, trucks and off-roading, cultural pieces, interesting history related to the outdoors, etc.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for lifestyle and cross-over content. We are always open to great hunting and fishing specific articles too – especially if they have a lifestyle tone.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your pitches.

Please send all pitches to editor@hookandbarrel.com

Please use the following in your subject line: “Query: [your topic].”