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Hunting Abroad: Salmon and trout fishing in Russia. Red stag and Roe deer hunting in Hungary. Flyfishing in the Amazon in Bolivia, Chile and Patagonia accessed by floatplane. Bear and duck hunting in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Saltwater fishing, duck and dove hunting in Mazatlán.

These quests are just the tip of the iceberg when considering the beginner-level exotic game and fishing trips that await you. If you’ve been itching to combine your international wanderlust with the thrill of the hunt, but thought it was too expensive or involved, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. That’s because it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to do so. As interest in exotic international game and fishing trips has grown, a cottage industry has grown to serve it.
Enter Matthew Morgan, managing partner of Anglers and Hunters, a white glove booking agency located in Allen, Texas, that has been coordinating international hunting trips since 1985. He can attest to all of the above.

Some of Morgan’s favorite destinations? “The fishing on the Great Barrier Reef [in Australia] is amazing. And the Seychelles is great for targeting milkfish and giant Trevally on a fly rod.” He also counts world-class bear hunting in Kamchatka, located in far east Russia, northeast of the Korean peninsula, as an experience unlike many others.

So why use a company like Anglers and Hunters? First and foremost, they’re experienced in the industry and know all the ins and outs of hunting in exotic locales. They know the good guys and bad guys in the industry as they’ve checked out every operation personally, and will make sure you don’t get price-gouged or otherwise taken advantage of during the process. They can coordinate all of your travel paperwork, can help get your hunting gear into your host country and handle security and logistics as needed. You simply tell them your expectations, set your budget and the level of accommodations you’re looking for and they do the rest. While they are paid a commission by the venues they book as any travel agency is, they work on your behalf and don’t represent the venues directly, so there’s no hard sell.

How much will these trips set you back? Not as much as you’d think. One of the more popular trips right now, according to Morgan, is dove hunting in Argentina. For an average of $550 to $900 per night, you’ll receive luxury accommodations, excellent food, and two guided hunts per day. What isn’t included is your airfare, usually around $1,500 to $2,000 if you go economy, and cost of shotgun rental if you don’t bring your own, shells and license, another $100 to $150.

And when you’re ready to call it a day and get back to reality, Anglers and Hunters will coordinate with the best local taxidermists and will make sure your trophies arrive back to the states safe and sound. And to further support the local community the company promotes donating the meat to the local villagers where the animal is harvested.

Really, it’s all about how big you can dream. Hunting Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan at 14,000 foot elevation, just north of Afghanistan is another standout for Morgan. And one of his most memorable bookings? One client wanted to go red tail catfishing in Vietnam. Because, why not?

“Our typical group is eight guests, but on the big game hunts it’s often one or two,” says Morgan. So grab your friends or set out solo. Your next personalized international adventure awaits.



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