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Hook & Barrel
A Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Outdoorsmen

Merriam-Webster defines lifestyle as, “The typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture” (noun) and “associated with, reflecting, or promoting an enhanced or more desirable lifestyle” (adjective). Since the first issue hit newsstands, Hook & Barrel has premised every single worth-the-read page on our fishing, hunting, and shooting outdoor lifestyle. From sipping premium whiskeys with a line in the water and grilling fish tacos to hunting adventures, celeb lifestyles, women in the outdoors, and epic concert events, Hook & Barrel has consistently struck a different chord than any other outdoor lifestyle title on the rack. The result? On Hook & Barrel’s Fifth Anniversary, the magazine isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving! Amazing things happen when you stand out from the crowd!

Being different yet relatable is the catalyst for Hook & Barrel’s success and it resonates with another outdoor-industry thriver, F-1 Firearms. From their creativity and manufacturing talents to their fully customized designs, F-1 Firearms is perfectly in sync with the unapologetic Hook & Barrel lifestyle. To celebrate, the premium AR manufacturer spun up quite a lifestyle mic-drop in the form of a custom AR pistol and presented the 5th Anniversary gun to Hook & Barrel. Knowing the Hook & Barrel backstory—it’s quite a prize and one truly speaking to the premise and purpose of the brand.

Like Hook & Barrel (and the magazine’s faithful readers), F-1’s walls are filled with hardworking, outdoor-loving, pro-2A patriots who understand we get one crack at this life and live that way. They set out every day to build ridiculously badass firearm platforms truly representative of the individual lifestyles of the people who shoot them. Each rifle and every customer are lifestyle ambassadors in their own rights, and the F-1 Firearms direct-impingement H&B BDRx-15 AR Pistol is no different… except to say is quite different than anything else out there. Like Hook & Barrel, it’s one-of-a-kind and the perfect anniversary hat-tip.



F-1 Firearms’ reputation has been built upon precision manufacturing, demanding quality checks, and prized lifestyle-themed matte and polished anodized finishes—dozens of them, and intricate custom Cerakote finishes when moods strike. Emphasizing the latter here, the Hook & Barrel AR Pistol is dressed in custom, H&B logoed Cerakote artistry compliments of Tactical Hippo, the one Cerakote finisher F-1 trusts for detailed, high-profile work.

At the crossroad of aesthetics and function, F-1 Firearms employed light, aggressively skeletonized, billet BDRx upper and lower receivers, a 9.75-inch C7M handguard and a Tippman T5 arm brace. The billet F-1 Style 2 grip and foregrip also are custom Cerakoted and wrapped in black paracord with gold sparkles for next-level shooting comfort. Upfront, the H&B BDRx pistol boasts a premium Boss Barrels 416R stainless-steel, carbon-fiber wrapped, match-grade, 10.5-inch barrel with 1:7 twist, 5R rifling and 5/8-24 threading. Like F-1 Firearms, Boss Barrels is headquartered near F-1 Firearms in Spring, Texas, and has built a reputation “like
a BOSS” on top-shelf performance, quality and reliability.

The barrel utilizes pistol-length gassing and is capped with F-1’s proprietary Dragon Slay-AR muzzle brake. The Slay-AR is precisely engineered to mitigate recoil impulse to the extent that muzzle flip is virtually eliminated even with single-hand shooting. Of course, the pistol also can accommodate a suppressor—something tells me bacon is in this AR pistol’s future.


Additional F-1 fit and form features include premium controls, including an ambidextrous selector switch; Avalanche charging handle, and, interestingly, PVD-coated takedown pins. Worth noting here is that F-1 Firearms applies all PVD coating in-house using the industry’s most advance. Why is PVD important for F-1 builds like the H&B pistol? PVD (Physical vapor deposition) is a process where metal, often titanium is vaporized and then reapplied as a transparent, microscopic coating. The result is a lifetime of protection from the industry’s most durable coating.


Hook & Barrel’s F-1 BDRx AR pistol includes a gold-finished 5.56 Durabolt bolt carrier group, Geissele SSA-E two-stage trigger, and standard buffering system; in fact, the only standard components in this pistol are the buffer, spring and stock tube—everything else is upgraded—only the best for a Hook & Barrel anniversary gift! The Geissele trigger delivers light pull and crisp breaks through both stages: 2—2.5 lbs. on first stage and .9—1.3 on the second stage. Total pull weight is 2.9 to 3.8 lbs.


While F-1 Firearms is world-renowned for ridiculously cool, lifestyle-screaming finishes and shooting performance to match, the company also recognizes the need for more subdued, middle-ground billet-machined rifle systems offering the same level of quality, performance, and reliability. To meet such demand, F-1 Firearms unveiled the HDR-15, a rifle built with precisely machined, non-skeletonized, billet receivers and handguards in a flat matte finish. In the third quarter of 2022, F-1 is set to launch the HDR-10… the larger-framed big brother to the HDR-15. Even better, F-1 Firearms now offers Credova special financing. Maybe Hook & Barrel’s Fifth Anniversary is the right time for you to step up your hook-and-barrel lifestyle, too. (F-1Firearms.com)


ACTION: F-1 Firearms 5.56 Durabolt BCG – Gold
CHAMBERING: .300 Blackout (AAC)
RECEIVER: BDRx-15 7075-T6511 Billet Skeletonized
HANDGUARD: C7M 9.75-in.
STOCK: Tippman T5 Arm Brace
BARREL TYPE (WITH TWIST RATE): BOSS Barrels Carbon-Fiber Wrap, 1:7 Twist with 5R Rifling
MAGAZINE: 30-Round Polymer Magpul PMAG
WEIGHT: 6.1 lbs.
ACCESSORIES: F-1 Firearms Dragon Slay-AR Muzzle Brake – Gold, Avalanche Charging Handle, F-1 Firearms Style 2 Grip, F-1 Firearms Skeletonized Foregrip, PVD-Coated Take-down Pins – Gold, F-1 Firearms premium controls, Black W/Gold Sparkle Paracord, custom Cerakote by Tactical Hippo
MSRP: $4,030.00


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