Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Ray Scott – There are 2 Sides To Every Record

Ray Scott Premieres Two Powerful Traditional Songs in Advance of His September 17 LP, Cover The Earth There are two kinds of artists in this...

Winchester Ammunition Delivers Hope

Winchester celebrates its commitment to American freedom with the USA VALOR™ ammunition series. This limited-edition collection of military inspired ammunition is now available in...

Winchester’s Model 70 Extreme Weather SS

REVIEW BY KEVIN REESE Another Winchester Win for the History Books - Rugged, reliable and precise. Among my earliest memories are the countless times I sat...

Smokeless and the Bandit

STORY BY DARREN DONALDSONILLUSTRATION BY SAM MORTON Some men do some pretty stupid things to impress women, when all they have to do to woo...

Meet Holly Stocks

After growing up and moving all around the country for her father’s business, Holly Stocks has put down roots in Nashville and is spreading...