Friday, January 28, 2022

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marijuana use vs gun ownership

Gun Ownership vs Marijuana Use

You are about to celebrate that next leap in life, not realizing that a very innocent decision could be life changing. You are getting married,...
Labskovs Recipe

Labskovs Recipe: The Perfect Scandinavian Comfort Food

Did you know that Reindeer is the name that was given to caribou in Scandinavia and Russia? Did you also know that caribou is...

Discover the Weird but True Story of the Sourtoe Cocktail

I’ve traveled to Dawson City, a tiny town in Canada’s Yukon territory, to try the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail at the Sourdough Saloon inside the...
Pulsar New Products 2022

Pulsar Thermal and Night Vision: New for 2022!

Pulsar’s focus on emerging technologies, product development and design innovations, and walking the leading edge of the thermal and night vision industry, is as...
gun-rights debate ammunition

11 Pieces of Ammunition to Win Your Own Gun-Rights Debate

I have been engaged in the gun-rights battle professionally for nearly 30 years. I started pondering the complexities when I was four or five...