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Polaris ATVs New For 2025

Polaris’ New & Hot Off-Road Machines Are Ready To Roam

Thumb on the throttle, I motored up the winding trail that led to the top of that eastern Ohio mountain. Bright LEDs lit up the pitch-black, rugged world guiding me through a narrow maze of downed trees, protruding briars, and winding turns. Eventually, I reached the destination, peered over the side ridge, and spotted that 10-point rack.

whitetail deer hunting

A few hours before, I shot a good buck, which ran 80 yards and died in a hellacious ravine. Too steep for anything but feet, I carefully scooted a third of the way down the cliff to the dead buck, which crashed and landed against a big tree. If not for that, it would’ve slid another 100-plus feet to the bottom. Filled with thankfulness, I deboned that deer, skull-capped the rack, and loaded it onto my ATV. The job complete, I eased back down the trail, and another successful hunt was in the books.

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

All In The Polaris Family

My great-grandfather drove nothing but Polaris ATVs. My grandfather still does. A Polaris man at heart, I too own one of these machines. And when Polaris unveiled its latest crop of offerings, for me, nostalgia met innovation. I saw Pepaw riding fencerows once again. I saw my grandfather buzzing around the farm. I saw myself hauling a deer out of the backwoods.

If similar mirages-turned-reality appear in your mind, check out the 2025 Polaris ATV launch, and its new hunting four-wheelers to consider.

The 2025 Sportsman 570 Portfolio

New for 2025, the Sportsman 570 family offers incredible advantages, and it comes in the 2-Up ATV space. It’s crafted to perform well with work and recreation. Each of these make the riding experience even more enjoyable for owners.

“We’re very excited for the much-anticipated release of the next generation Sportsman 2-up, utilizing our customers’ feedback for a wide range of consumer-driven enhancements and innovation,” said Chris Judson, Polaris Vice President and General Manager of Off-Road Utility. “Sportsman is the already best-selling automatic ATV brand, and the Sportsman 570 2-up lineup complements the brand by delivering class-leading versatility, comfort, and strength capable of accomplishing work tasks and maximizing all-in adventures for two.”

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

Key Upgrades:

·  Upgraded body styling with a refreshed look

·  Enhanced suspension with up to 9.5 inches of rear travel, plus longer-lasting sealed bushings

·  Strengthened rigid chassis

·  Better ground clearance

·  Extended service intervals (twice the time between oil changes and other maintenance)

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

Other Enhancements:

·  Lighting upgrades featuring new brighter LED pod and headlights

·  All-new removable passenger seat (added and removed — no tools needed)

·  Improved sealed storage (with 11 gallons of total storage — five in the front and six in the rear)

·  Integrated accessory heated driver and passenger seat

·  Heated hand grips for the driver and passenger

·  90-plus compatible accessories (i.e.: Glacier Plow Systems, Lock & Ride Windshields and Cargo Boxes, bumpers, lighting options, and more)

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

Snapshot Of The Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 Lineup

This lineup comes in four different trim options. The Sportsman Touring 570 starts at $9,999, and offers increased storage, removable rear passenger seat, and more.

The Sportsman Touring 570 EPS starts at $10,999 and includes electronic power steering.

The Sportsman Touring 570 Premium starts at $12,499 and comes loaded with 26-inch Duro Tires, premium -paint, LED headlights, POD light, EBS, ADC, high-performance AWD, improved front bumper, and new front and rear rack extenders.

Lastly, the Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate starts at $14,499 and comes with new LED headlights, POD light, dual A-arm front suspension drive modes, and a 3,500-pound winch with synthetic rope and auto stop. It even boasts the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment display powered by RIDE COMMAND for the all-new Sportsman Touring 570 Ultimate. This offers GPS mapping and Group Rides features to help stay connected to other riders.

Convertible Passenger Seat & Dumping Bed Options

In addition to the latest offerings, Polaris also offers dozens of new add-on features compatible with this lineup. Two of the most notable include the Convertible Passenger Seat and 400-pound Dumping Bed. These add-ons are exceptional.

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570

Polaris 2025 Sportsman ATV

A Closer Look At New Polaris Rides

Sportsman Touring 570

The new Sportsman Touring 570 is packed with features. The new body style allows for more than 90 accessories. Better LED lighting improves visibility. The frame is two times stiffer for better rigidity. Like others in this product line, it offers removable passenger seating, additional rear storage, and better storage sealing. It starts at $9,999.

Polaris Touring 570

Sportsman Touring X2 570

The Sportsman Touring X2 570 was crafted for hard work and hard-to-reach places. It includes a convertible rear seat for convenience. It incorporates a 400-pound dump bed with quick latches for easy, quick operation. Furthermore, thanks to Turf Mode and on-demand AWD, it boosts better rear differential performance for smoother and tighter turns. That makes it ideal for use on ball fields, yards, crop fields, and other sensitive areas where grass or soil disruption is frowned upon. This offering starts at $13,999.

Polaris X2 570

Sportsman 6×6 570

Lastly, the Sportsman Touring 6×6 570 offers versatility in a 2-up format. The new LED pod and headlights improve visibility. It also offers a new front bumper, winch system, and more. Finally, it comes with an 800-pound dump box to move large loads. The unit includes factor-integrated D rings (with multiple tie-down points), a 48-inch-wide stance (ideal for tighter trails), and more. It even offers six-wheel on-demand AWD. It starts at $14,999.

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570

Let’s Roll In Polaris Style

Whether you’re a hunter or hobby rider, working on the farm or another job, or just need an all-terrain vehicle that offers additional utility, the new Sportsman lineup by Polaris checks the boxes. The 2025 Sportsman lineup is shipping to dealers now. To learn more, visit polaris.com.

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