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Sig Hot Takes: P365-FUSE, P320-FLUX LEGION, XFIVE Reserve, CROSS SAWTOOTH & More

When you get the opportunity to attend an event you have been hearing rumbles of for months, you don’t hesitate, you don’t check your calendar, you don’t even check with your spouse, you say yes. That is what happened with Hook & Barrel‘s Editorial Director Nino Bosaz asking if I was interested in traveling to New Hampshire for a few days to attend the Sig Sauer NEXT Event. 

The Sig NEXT Event 2024

Typical of Sig, the NEXT event was well planned and executed. It was run tight as a drum, a remarkable feat considering the number of attendees (over 100) involving media and prominent Sig dealers from around the country and world. The schedule ran like clockwork thanks to the number of dedicated and enthusiastic Sig personnel.

max michel
Max Michel was on hand to show the finer points of the new Sig P320 SXG XFIVE.

The Sig NEXT Event kicked off Monday evening with a dinner for attendees. The highlight of the evening was Sig’s presentation of what we would be getting to experience over the next two days. The large hall was buzzing with what we were seeing.

The new Sig P365-FUSE, ROMEO-X Enclosed sight, MCX-SPEAR 6.8mm for civilians in conjunction with new availability of Sig 6.8x51mm/.277 Fury Hybrid ammunition, P320-FLUX LEGION, CROSS MAGNUM SAWTOOTH rifle, ECHO Thermals, P226 XFIVE Reserve, P320-XFIVE SXG, P226 40th Anniversary, Sig CONNECT range app/software, and so on.

Sig Sauer P320-XFIVE SXG
Sig’s new P320-XFIVE SXG was one of the many head-turners launched at Sig NEXT 2024.

Meat Eater’s Steven Rinella and The Terminal List author Jack Carr joined remotely to introduce projects they had input and interest in. Many companies would have announced each of these products individually spread across months. Not Sig Sauer. Sig decided on the NEXT event format considering the pace of new product development. To follow is a sneak peek behind the Sig curtain. Fear not, details of individual Sig products will be forthcoming here at Hook & Barrel in the Sig Sauer INSIDER section over the coming weeks and months.

sig sauer cross sawtooth magnum
Meat Eater‘s Steven Rinella will be rocking the next-generation CROSS rifle—the SAWTOOTH MAGNUM chambered in 7mm PRC.

Sig Sauer’s People Team

The Sig personnel who were at the forefront of NEXT Event highlighted how Sig has grown over the last 20 years. Not just in firearms with multiple U.S. military contracts, but also optics (more military contracts), ammunition (more military contracts), suppressors (more military contracts), airguns, training division, Sig Academy, Sig Experience Center, and numerous manufacturing plants to highlight what Sig is about. The dedicated day of visiting just two of the many Sig facilities in New Hampshire after range day drove home the point that Sig Sauer is all about the people who make the machine crank right to the top.

sig sauer demo range

When current CEO Ron Cohen arrived in 2005 Sig U.S. had 70-some employees with Germany calling most of the shots. Sig Sauer is now U.S.-based and the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes J.P. Sauer & Sohn and Blaser. I have been a frequent visitor to Sig New Hampshire since 2010. I ran across an article of mine from 2018. I listed Sig employees at 1,800. This is now 3,400 and growing. While concentrating in New Hampshire, Sig has numerous locations across the country and is constantly updating and expanding these facilities.

Sig Sauer Factory Tours

During the NEXT event, we visited the Sig Rochester and Newington facilities. I found it interesting that Sig senior personnel were part of the multiple tour groups including high-level facility engineers, COO, and other managers. The Sig factory tours showed off some of the most advanced manufacturing machines in the world. Many of which were custom-built based on specifications stipulated by Sig. The cutting-edge machinery (pun intended) allows for precision production limiting hand work. Something I heard during the tours really caught my attention, “…hand fitting is just another way of saying out of tolerance.” 

Once plans are entered into a machine’s computer it’s a simple matter to switch back and forth based on market and/or military needs. This enables Sig to produce all the SKUs/models it is known for. Incoming raw materials are strenuously inspected, and production cycles are constantly scrutinized for efficiency. Suppliers often have Sig personnel at their shops inspecting and monitoring to ensure on-time delivery of quality materials and components so that Sig manufacturing is not interrupted or unexpectedly impacted. 

sig manufacturing

Time was dedicated to getting NEXT Event attendees in front of engineers, developers, production managers, and technicians who make Sig products. Sig’s commitment to advanced automation is emphasized to handle not only the scale of production but also tight tolerance quality production. Sig manufacturing works hand in hand with Research & Development (R&D). No matter how awesome a product is, it’s not viable if it can’t be produced to scale.

When you are making tens of thousands of a model, a few minutes saved during a machine cycle is welcomed by the consumers eager to receive and by corporate leadership maximizing resources. Many gun manufacturers use the aerospace analogy. For Sig, it is closer to automotive production techniques. Based on this, Sig announced during the second evening’s dinner their new “Infinite Guarantee” for optics, suppressors, and firearms. Sig will stand behind its products for the life of the item, and not just for the original end user. That is impressive! 

The Sig Sauer Mission

Time spent with Sig’s Executive Leadership Team, including CEO Ron Cohen, made it crystal clear that they are committed to pursuing and maintaining Sig’s close relationship with the U.S. military. Significantly, Sig is also steadfast in maintaining its American-based civilian clientele, unlike some European companies who just don’t get it. There are also examples of U.S. companies that have decided to separate defense and commercial sales approaches. This is at their own peril and subsequent failure as companies. The U.S. market is unique with tens of millions of consumers that are more than willing to take advantage of the R&D from our armed forces. Sig has no issue following this dual military and commercial path. 

MCX-SPEAR in 6.8mm
This MCX-SPEAR in 6.8mm is one of the many civilian rifle variants born out of military contracts.

Unlike other manufacturers that often forget about their civilian customers after getting a taste of military contracts, Sig’s dynamic leadership team keeps the hammer down with both current production and offers new items based on feedback from its customers. Even with its preeminent position, Sig has no problem continually expanding its product line. 

sig military weapons

Sig’s relationship with the U.S. military began in 1989 with the U.S. Navy SEALs adopting the P226, designating it the MK25. The P226 started Sig’s relationship with the U.S. military which subsequently generated many partnerships across the spectrum of handguns, rifles, suppressors, belt-fed machine guns, ammunition, SMGs, and so on. All cannot be listed; however, examples are the M17/18 pistol, Next Generation Squad Weapon, MCX Virtus, Tango6 optic, SLX suppressor, etc. Sig is renowned for not resting on its laurels.

Range Day At Sig NEXT 2024

Range day was focused on giving participants a chance to handle and get in-depth input about the plethora of products the NEXT Event was rolling out. Over a dozen stations were set up manned with engineers, Sig Academy training staff, and program managers—along with Sig shooting celebrities such as Lena Miculek, Max Michel, Daniel Horner, Mason Long, and Phil Strader. Sig NEXT would not just hand you a weapon and point you to the line. I witnessed Sig Academy personnel working with attendees to improve techniques as well as making sure each Sig product was given its due and appreciated for what it offered. 

Sig P365-Fuse with the ROMEO-X Enclosed reflex sight
Hands and eyes on running a new Sig P365-Fuse with the ROMEO-X Enclosed reflex sight.

Sig NEXT 2024 Product Highlights 

40th Anniversary Edition of the P226

It is fitting that the 40th Anniversary Edition of the P226 was part of the Sig NEXT Event with Jack Carr videoing in to describe his intimate relationship with the P226 (MK25) during his service in the SEALs. I am sure the Sig P226 will be around to celebrate its 60th Anniversary in 2046.

40th Anniversary Edition P226

P226 XFIVE Reserve

The P226 XFIVE Reserve presented at the NEXT Event supports the above statement. The all-steel P226 Reserve has been designed to deliver precision and performance with a sophisticated, luxurious style featuring a high-gloss DLC polished frame, GridLOK high polish grip panels, an integrated compensator to reduce recoil, and a three-way adjustable trigger for complete personalization.

P226 XFIVE Reserve


Two new CROSS rifle models were at the NEXT Event—CROSS 277 Fury and SAWTOOTH MAGNUM. With personal defense, law enforcement, and military-centric products being such an integral part of the Sig business model, many were surprised when the bolt-action CROSS was introduced in 2020. The reason for this was that the CROSS was not tactical. The CROSS was a blend of hunting rifle with precision rifle.

The CROSS SAWTOOTH MAGNUM in 7mm PRC (also available .300PRC) is on my must-review (and possibly own) list. The CROSS MAGNUM SAWTOOTH combines the one-piece CROSS MAGNUM receiver with a 24-inch PROOF Research Carbon Fiber precision barrel delivering lightweight performance and extreme accuracy in a high-country hunting rifle. Meat Eater’s Steven Rinella announced at the first evening’s presentation he would be exclusively using a SAWTOOTH in his upcoming season of hunts. 

The new CROSS MAGNUM SAWTOOTH rifle is bound to be a game-getter for many seasons to come.


I will end with the P365-FUSE and P320-FLUX LEGION. The P365-FUSE with ROMEO X Compact red dot mounted continues the P365 evolution. The P365-FUSE offers full-size capability with a 4.3-inch barrel and 21+1 capacity with a thin, convenient-to-carry 1-inch wide profile. 

Sig Sauer P365-FUSE
Be on the lookout for a full review and video on Sig’s new P365-FUSE in the September/October issue of Hook & Barrel Magazine.


I did not want to like the P320-FLUX LEGION but I could not resist its charms which include a well-done safety lever, a rapid-deploy flexible brace, two flared integral magwells (yes, you read that right), front Picatinny rail, dual magazine release system, two 30-round magazines, and a non-reciprocating Picatinny optic mount.

Built around the LEGION P320 FCU (fire control unit), the P320-FLUX LEGION is a modular platform built with a LEGION gray FLUX Raider chassis, LEGION skeletonized trigger, and P320 LEGION slide with an integrated compensator. The P320 LEGION FLUX offers speed, maneuverability, and concealability of a pistol with the stability of a carbine.

Sig Sauer P320-FLUX LEGION

What’s NEXT For Sig Sauer?

Sig Sauer is a total firearms experience company—weapons, optics, ammunition, suppressors, training, competition, hunting, etc. This allows for the ability to be flexible and respond to military and commercial markets. Sig is known for innovative approaches to weapon design. Much of this stems from Sig’s background of responding to impromptu military solicitation, especially from SOCOM forces.

Sig has a staff of over 400 engineers and is constantly striving to innovate new products, enhance existing ones, and streamline production processes. So without a doubt, it will be interesting to see what is NEXT to come out of Sig Sauer.

Attendees at the Sig NEXT Event 2024 were treated to live-fire action of some military-grade, belt-fed Sig Sauer firepower.

Sig Sauer CROSS TRAX .308 Win Bolt-Action Rifle Review
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