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catfish gear

Get Ready to Catch More Catfish With Industry-Leading Gear

Fishing for catfish is a blast, but having the right gear can make all the difference. Read on as we go over our top picks for what we consider staples in our tackle boxes, as well as other must-have items when planning an upcoming trip.  

Fun Catfish Facts 

  • Catfish have “whiskers” called barbels that help them detect food in murky waters. 
  • The largest catfish ever caught weighed over 600 pounds. 
  • Catfish are omnivores, eating a variety of foods including plants, insects, and smaller fish. 
  • Some catfish have venomous spines on their dorsal and pectoral fins, which can cause painful stings. 
  • The five most common species of catfish in the United States include channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, bullhead catfish, and white catfish. 

Berkley Gulp! Catfish Chunks 

Berkley Gulp! Catfish Chunks 

Designed to replicate a commonly used catfish bait, these chicken-liver lookalikes are a convincing dupe to the real deal. Each piece is loaded to the gills with a tempting flavor and scent only a hungry channel cat could appreciate! This artificial bait remains on your hook much longer than raw liver, meaning less back-and-forth to check your bait. 

SOG Aegis MT 

SOG Aegis MT 

A must-have piece of gear in anyone’s tackle box is a trusty multi-tool. The Aegis MT from SOG fits the bill, with its compact size and ambidextrous construction favored by many an angler. The Aegis MT comes equipped with five different tools, including a knife, tweezers, wire cutter, pliers, and even a bottle opener should you wish to enjoy a late-night refreshment lake-side.

Pautzke Bait Company Catfish Nectar  

Pautzke Bait Company Catfish Nectar  

When it comes to bait, the stinkier the better. An artificial lure with a nice, strong scent is guaranteed to get the attention of any nearby catfish. This catfish nectar can be used as a soak for artificial baits that may be past their prime when it comes to how much scent they’re still dispersing, or even as a soak for homemade catfish doughs or live bait such as shad or anchovies.

Fishbites Yeh Monn! Freshwater Catfish Bait 

Wondering what that smell is on the way home from your late-night fishing trip? Catfish bait is notorious for having a strong smell, and not a good one! The Fishbites Yeh Monn! Freshwater Catfish Bait is crafted with a scent barely noticeable by us humans, but strong enough to drive a cat wild. Available in 12-inch ribbons with your choice of a liver, shad, or crawfish scent you can customize exactly how much bait you’d like on your hook.

Yeti GoBox 30 Gear Case 

Yeti GoBox 30 Gear Case 

For those wanting a reliable way to protect their gear, look no further than the Yeti GoBox 30 Gear Case. This case is waterproof, dustproof, and built to withstand the harshest conditions. This case’s 30-liter capacity features a customizable compartment system, including removable dividers and a Pack Attic™ for added organization, making it ideal to do double duty as your new gearbox… toss it in your truck and head to the lake!

Bass Pro Shops MegaCast Metal/CatMaxx Baitcast Combo  

MegaCast Metal/CatMaxx Baitcast Combo  

The MegaCast Metal/CatMaxx Baitcast Combo is a perfect pairing for reeling in record-breaking cats. This rod is available in rod lengths varying from 7-10 feet, with each made from tougher-than-nails fiberglass, reinforced guides, and reel seat to ensure all stays rock solid. The reel is constructed from an all-metal frame, has an easy-to-adjust drag, and a PowerLock instant anti-reverse feature to prevent runaways.

Rapala 9″ Angler’s Hook Remove

Rapala 9” Angler’s Hook Remove 

There’s nothing worse than when a fish swallows the hook, as no one wants to savagely rip a hook back through the way it went down. This hook remover tool from Rapala makes removal a breeze, with multiple sizes available depending on the species you’re fishing for as well as a lanyard to keep it close should one of your catches have a large appetite.

Bubba Multi-Flex Interchangeable Knife Set 

Bubba Multi-Flex Interchangeable Knife Set 

There’s nothing better than freshly caught catfish fried up for dinner. Make a quick job of filleting your catch with a quality knife set, such as the Multi-Flex Interchangeable Knife Set from Bubba. The blades in this set include a 7″ Tapered Flex, 8″ Ultra Flex, 9″ Stiff, and a 9″ Serrated Flex. Each blade is easily swapped and held securely within the included handle via Bubba’s patented Flex-Change locking system.

Promar Clip-On Glowsticks 

Sportsman’s Guide: Promar Clip-On Glowsticks 

Catfish tend to be nocturnal, thus providing plenty of action once the sun goes down. With that being said, it sure helps if you can see your rod tip take a dive signaling you have one on the line. The Promar Clip-On Glowsticks provide a simple, yet effective solution to keeping an eye on your rod in the dark of night. Lasting up to 12 hours, you have no excuse to come home empty-handed! 

Eagle Claw 38pc. Catfish Tackle Kit 

Eagle Claw 38pc. Catfish Tackle Kit 

The Eagle Claw 38-piece Catfish Tackle Kit is a great gift for any avid fisherman, as it provides a selection of essential hooks, weights, leaders, and more that one is sure to put to good use. Also included is a hook remover should your fish swallow a hook, and even a small pair of bells to put on your rod tip to alert you of a fish on the line!

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