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walleye fishing

Get Ready to Get Hooked on the Best Walleye Gear on the Market

If you’ve ever feared a rod snapping due to hooking a massive walleye, you know that the right gear can make the difference between being king of the river and a fish tale of “the one that got away.” Read on as we hook you up with some of our favorite gear to boost your fishing game.  

Fun Walleye Facts 

  • The walleye is the state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. 
  • They are carnivorous and primarily feed on other fish, such as yellow perch, minnows, and even small walleyes. They also eat insects, crayfish, and leeches. 
  • The world record for the largest walleye ever caught is 25 pounds (11.34 kg), caught in Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee, in 1960. 
  • Walleyes are typically olive and gold in color, with a white underbelly. Their coloration provides effective camouflage in their natural habitats. 
  • Walleyes can crossbreed with saugers, another species of fish, to produce hybrids known as saugeyes. These hybrids exhibit characteristics of both parent species and are often found in waters where both species coexist. 

Bass Pro Shops Walleye Runner 

Bass Pro Shops: Walleye Runner 

Offered in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and weights this lure offers up a multi-season attack on hungry walleyes who happen to be near.  Choose a lighter-weight lure for fishing shallower depths on the retrieve, a heavier option for diving deep either by hand or trolling, or simply let it rest atop the water before its next dive. 

Cabela’s Walleye Nation Death Rig Jig 

Cabelas: Walleye Nation Death Rig Jig 

Serving as a host to an unlucky nightcrawler or your preferred soft bait, this lure, available in four assorted weights, packs quite a punch.  Direct this jig right into a school of walleye, with its propellor blade glinting in the sunrays passing through the water as the Double Trouble hook in the rear makes that worm dance as it passes by. 

Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 

Rapala: Jointed Shad Rap 

Mimicking a wounded baitfish, this jointed shad has an internal rattle warning nearby walleye of an easy meal… or so they think.  If the rattling didn’t get them to approach, the action from the jointed back half of the lure will, especially if you pause mid-retrieve to let it seemingly suspend itself mid-swim. 

Berkley Walleye Fishing Gift Pack 

Berkley: Walleye Fishing Gift Pack 

Trying to sneak some new lures into your tacklebox without the other half knowing?  “Sure honey, I just bought one thing at the store!”  Well, one box but many items lie within! Stocked with the essentials, you can expect jig heads, flicker shad lures, Gulp minnows, and a spool of Berkley’s Fire Line Ultra 8. 

Kryptek Mustang Island Short 

Kryptek: Mustang Island Short 

A day on the water is all about comfort and relaxation, and your clothes are part of that equation.  The cotton/poly/spandex blend of the Mustang Island Short from Kryptek brings comfort to the forefront, while an assortment of zippered pockets keep your essentials secure instead of at the bottom of the lake. 

5.11 Ultralight Dry Bag  

5.11 Ultralight Dry Bag  

Anyone looking for a simple yet reliable way to keep clothing and other assorted gear dry should you get caught in the rain needs to look no further than 5.11’s line of dry bags.  Made from a coated 40D nylon ripstop material and available in several different sizes, these bags feature a roll-top design that buckles shut for quick and easy access.  To top it all off, take advantage of the included D-Ring to attach to your boat, cooler, or anywhere you see fit. 

Para’Kito Mosquito Repellent Wristband & Refills 

Para’Kito: Mosquito Repellent Wristband & Refills 

Para’Kito has created a unique and stylish solution in the form of an adjustable neoprene wristband for those seeking a more natural alternative to traditional insect repellant.  Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, this solution uses all-natural ingredients to keep mosquitoes at bay, with each refill insert providing up to two weeks of protection. If wearing the band on your wrists gets in your way, simply wear it on your ankle for the same level of protection. 

Sportsman’s Guide Shakespeare Wild Series Walleye Combo 

Sportsman's Guide: Shakespeare Wild Series Walleye Combo 

Geared specifically towards walleye fishing techniques, Sportsman’s Guide offers up the Walleye Combo from Shakespeare’s Wild Series. Featuring a lightweight graphite rod paired with an aluminum spool and handle, things are kept light and airy while you jig and maneuver live bait through the water.  Add a smooth drag system, steel guides, and more for a winning combination.

KastKing Karryall Tackle Fishing Backpack 

KastKing: Karryall Tackle Fishing Backpack 

Perhaps you have to hike to your secret honey hole and must carry all your gear with you.  The Karryall Tackle Fishing Backpack from KastKing makes this task simple with its four tackle boxes keeping lures organized with two rod holders along the side of the pack, allowing your hands to remain free on the trek in.  Waterproof design packed with pockets all padded for comfort… what more could you need?

Sea to Summit TPU Accessory Case 

Sea to Summit: TPU Accessory Case 

Pictures or it didn’t happen!  When you inevitably land that monster walleye, you’re going to want photo evidence, so your buddies don’t chalk it up to another “fish tale”.  Keep your phone dry and protected with one of Sea to Summit’s TPU Accessory Cases.  Varying sizes of this clear case will protect your electronics, even while submerged. 

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from the sales of our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

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