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salmon fishing

Get Ready For Salmon Success

Whether you’re standing in a rushing river in Alaska or casting into one of the many waterways of the Pacific Northwest, there’s no denying salmon fishing is a unique and picturesque experience that is hard to top. Diving deep into the world of salmon fishing, read on as we take a look at our top picks for lures and other essential gear that will help ensure you return home with many a successful fishing story… and fish to prove it! 

Fun Salmon Facts 

  • Salmon can leap up to 12 feet to overcome obstacles during migration. 
  • Salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins B12 and D, and selenium. 
  • Their pink flesh comes from eating carotenoid-rich crustaceans like krill and shrimp. 
  • The health of salmon populations reflects the overall health of their ecosystem. 
  • The world record for the largest King Salmon was a 97 pound 4-ounce monster caught by Les Anderson on the Kenai River in Alaska 

Bass Pro Shops Wobble Jack Hardbait 

Bass Pro Shops: Wobble Jack Hardbait 

Whether you fish it slow or speed things up while trolling, the Wobble Jack Hardbait from Bass Pro is guaranteed to be a magnet for nearby salmon in search of their next meal. Measuring 2.25 inches and weighing in at a mere 1/8 ounce, the aggressive wobble action of this lure combined with its straight tracking design will have that live well full in no time. 

Greys Fin Fly Combo 

Greys: Fin Fly Combo 

Forget having to worry about choosing the perfect rod, reel, and line combination for your next fly-fishing adventure. Greys makes things easy with a preselected combination of components to make the ideal setup, with three varying rod lengths, five line ratings, and two reel sizes available to choose from. The included four-piece rod is excellent when traveling, while additional features still shine through such as the AA cork handle, double-footed snake guides, lined stripper guides, and more. 

Berkley Gulp! Floating Salmon Eggs 

Berkley: Gulp! Floating Salmon Eggs 

Salmon have an excellent sense of smell, so it’s of no surprise that Berkley’s floating salmon eggs are a top choice amongst anglers. The Gulp attractant within these “eggs” disperses quickly, bringing in salmon curious as to what’s creating such a stink!  Choose from six different colors and see which gets them biting the fastest! 

Pelican 1720 Protector Long Case 

Pelican: 1720 Protector Long Case 

Pelican cases are the preferred method of transporting guns when traveling by air, but many fishermen utilize their cases as well when traveling with their fishing equipment. Pelican’s 1720 Protector Long Case has interior dimensions of 41.8 inches x 13.58 inches x 5.33 inches and can be ordered with or without protective foam inserts. Several spots are built into the case for secure closure using TSA-approved locks and easily maneuvered through airports once you land. 

RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler 

RTIC: 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler 

Once you’ve reached your daily limit of salmon, you’re going to want to get it home without ruining the meat, and the Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler from RTIC is up to the task. With a 52-quart capacity, your catch may be preserved on ice for several days due to the internal closed-cell foam construction of the cooler. Additional features include all-terrain wheels, a non-slip handle, tie-down slots, and an incorporated bottle opener for when it’s time to celebrate a successful fishing trip. 

Skwala Carbon Waders 

Skwala: Carbon Waders 

Skwala pairs down all the bells and whistles and offers their Carbon Waders. Embodying the “high speed low drag” sentiment, these waders are minimalistic, forgoing buckles in the shoulder yokes. Easily go from chest-high waders to wait-high and back again thanks to the built-in magnetic attachment points. Available in three different lengths and two different shoe size ranges, grab a set and try them out on your next adventure! 

Hardy 1939 Bougle Heritage Fly Reel  

Hardy: 1939 Bougle Heritage Fly Reel  

For those fly fishermen who enjoy the finer things in life, look no further than the 1939 Bougle Heritage Fly Reel. Hardy provides this reel as a throwback to the original, which many consider the crème de la crème of Bougle-styled reels. Features of this reel include an ambidextrous wind, a sheepskin-lined case, and a classy gunmetal finish.

FORLOH Avalon Fillet Knife  

FORLOH: Avalon Fillet Knife  

A cooler full of salmon doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have a quality knife to filet your bounty. The Avalon Fillet Knife from FORLOH has a steel blade measuring six inches in length and is slim and flexible making navigating around bones a breeze. The textured G10 grip aids in keeping the knife solid in your hand, especially if you’re on a boat or wearing gloves. 

Rapala Jensen Flash Fly 

Rapala:  Jensen Flash Fly 

When it’s time to get down to business as you troll downstream, you can rely on the Jensen Flash Fly from Rapala to get the job done. Appearing as a baitfish zipping through the water, the Everglo skirting flows in the rear, with dazzling tinsel catching rays of light passing through the water. This lure comes rigged with a 50-pound test and two VMC Octopus hooks. 

Sportsman’s Guide Attwood Fold-N-Stow Medium Fishing Net 

Sportsman’s Guide:  Attwood Fold-N-Stow Medium Fishing Net 

There’s nothing worse than fighting a fish to the edge of your boat and having it break free from the hook, leaving you standing there watching it dart off never to be seen again. Take a step to prevent this heartbreak and bring along a net. The Attwood Fold-N-Stow Net from Sportsman’s Guide is an excellent option as it is collapsible, and when extended measures 47 inches in length with an opening diameter of 16 inches. 

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from the sales of our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

Snorkeling with Salmon 
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