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A visit to the famous FTW Ranch in Barksdale, Texas, is something every rifleman should put on the must-do list. Whether prepping for an upcoming safari or taking part in one of their long-range shooting courses, FTW and its staff of seasoned instructors will challenge and hone your shooting abilities, regardless of skill level.

On this occasion, I was fortunate to be a part of a team of shooters evaluating Trijicon’s launch of six new riflescope categories for the hunting, tactical, competition, and long-range communities. As a lifetime whitetail deer hunter, I was particularly interested in the new Huron riflescope series. Trijicon has a reputation for producing optics with superb clarity and durability, and the Huron series was designed to deliver that same level of quality and performance at a price that would be more agreeable to the nation’s deer hunters.

The key to achieving this price point was the exclusion of Trijicon’s ubiquitous illuminated reticle. The Huron is offered in Standard Duplex, German No. 4, and Trijicon’s exclusive BDC Hunter Holds reticle. This is where the Huron really stands out! The BDC Hunter Holds reticle is designed to accommodate the most popular deer hunting cartridges from 243 Win., to 300 Win Magnum. Simply sight-in the Huron dead on at 50 yards using the main crosshair, which will also result in a rough zero at 200 yards. Once zero is verified at 200 yards, the lower horizontal stadia lines will provide quick and accurate hold points for 300, 400, and 500 yards when set to the highest power.

The BDC Hunter Holds reticle was put to the test repeatedly on the range using a variety of cartridge and rifle combinations. Our team of evaluators was amazed at the simplicity and accuracy of this system as each shooter placed one-shot hits on nine-inch steel targets out to 500 yards and beyond. It is understood that most deer hunters may not be inclined to take shots over 200 to 300 yards, but it sure is nice to know you have the capability if needed.

Trijicon Huron riflescopes feature a sleek satin finish and include 1-4×24, 2.5-10×40, 3-9×40, and 3-12×40 models, each of which is engineered for extreme durability and proven precision in every season and light condition. Ranging from 15.9 to 18.2 ounces and offering up to 100 MOA of adjustment from either a 30mm or 1-inch main tube, the Huron line gives deer hunters plenty of optical power in a lightweight package. 

The Huron line benefits from generous eye relief for comfortable use on any platform, as well as low capped, easy-to-use adjusters with ¼ MOA clicks that are precision-engineered to provide consistent tracking and maintain zero. Hunters will appreciate the fast and accurate variable zoom ranges, as well as a crisp second focal plane reticle.

Likewise, Trijicon Huron Riflescopes feature an Easy-Focus Eyepiece and an extra-wide field of view for maximum situational awareness. Fully multi-coated broadband anti-reflective glass provides outstanding light transmission, true detail, and color with zero distortion, giving hunters the ultimate in edge-to-edge clarity. Each lens also receives an anti-scratch coating that increases resistance to wear in tough conditions. Uncluttered, easy-to-use reticles designed for the American deer hunter make for fast and accurate shooting.

The Trijicon Huron Riflescope Series

Backed by The Science of Brilliant® testing methodology that Trijicon takes to every product, Trijicon Huron Riflescope models are Alaska-to-Africa tested to ensure performance from -20°F to 140°F, giving hunters supreme confidence in any climate. Each model is Solid Zero Tested and subjected to 5,000 rounds of heavy cartridge testing to ensure no reticle shift, while Drop Testing guarantees that every bump and bruise won’t result in a warranty claim. Huron models are shock and vibration tested to take on recoil and the abuse of the field without failure. Finally, all models are immersion tested and dry-nitrogen filled to eliminate internal fogging even in the harshest environments.

MSRP:  $650-$699                                                                                          

For more information on the Huron line and the complete array of Brilliant Aiming Solutions for the hunting, shooting, military, and law-enforcement markets, contact Trijicon, Inc. at (248) 960-7700 or visit trijicon.com.


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