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Trijicon Credo HX 2.5-15x42 Rifle Scope
Trijicon Credo HX 2.5-15x42 Rifle Scope

Designed for the more tactically focused hunter, the Trijicon Credo HX line of rifle scopes features seven variable power options and six illuminated reticles. The scopes are built around 30mm or 34mm aircraft-grade aluminum tubes, and reticle illumination is provided by battery power.

I used the Credo HX 2.5-15×42 scope recently and was impressed with the clarity of images, the precision of the controls, and the optic’s low-light capabilities.

I mounted the Credo HX on a new Savage rifle to prepare for an upcoming hunt. At the range, the Credo HX zeroed quickly, and the controls very exact. I was shooting low two inches and left an inch and a half at 100 yards. With the scope’s ¼ MOA adjustments, I clicked up eight times, and right six times, and drilled the bullseye. Then, I adjusted the scope 12 clicks each to the tight, up, left, and down, firing a single shot after each adjustment. When I was done, the four bullet holes formed a nice three-inch by three-inch box.

One West Texas evening found me scanning a mesquite flat for hogs and coyotes. Dusk came on fast, and within minutes all my naked eye could make out were clumps of brush and dark spaces under trees.

But once I got behind the Credo HX, those smudges of brown and black lit up. I IDed prickly pear cactus and tree trunks through the Credo HX, individual rocks at hundreds of yards, and some movement. The latter was a slight breeze moving through the brush.

I waited for nearly a half hour, and no critters appeared. Eventually, it got too dark for even the Credo. Yet, for that 30 minutes where my unaided eyes could not have made the shot? The Credo HX presented precise, well-lit images.

Pretty damned amazing.

MSRP: $999 to $1,799. For specs and more details, visit: trijicon.com.

For more on Trijicon, click here.


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