Warrior Women of TPUSA – Alex Clark

Alex Clark is the host of POPlitics, an Instagram TV daily show that focuses on POP Culture without the propaganda. Clark’s energetic, bubbly and fun personality has organically drawn a very large following that has been termed, “cuteservatives” – who are more like a family than mere followers. Full of fire and compassion, Clark is ready for whatever comes her way.

Image by: Abigail Hall

“Ever since I was thirteen, I wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. At eighteen my path led to radio instead. I received an internship with my favorite morning radio show in Louisville, KY and after one month I got a spot in the biggest time slot for the radio show Morning Drive, which was the number one show for years. This doesn’t happen that easily in the radio industry, a young woman of just 18 with no experience, but they loved my fun, genuine and sometimes self-deprecating personality and knew the listeners would as well. I was someone that listeners could really identify with.

Fast forward a little bit and I was able to be a part of a reality tv dating show, it was only one season, but it was this experience that brought the realization of my core values and beliefs and who I was, a loud and proud conservative. I was known as the “republican” or “pro-life” person and instead of getting hate from viewers I received supportive comments from people saying that they may disagree, but they were inspired that I was fearless and unapologetic regarding my beliefs.

Image by: Abigail Hall

After this I was offered a new job to co-host a morning show in Indianapolis. The show’s ratings went from 16th place to number one in just two years! This show was also syndicated in Houston, TX and it was killing it. Listeners and our management loved the different point of views and diversity between myself and my co-host, which I addressed in my initial interview to make sure they understood who I was and what my beliefs were. Change in management brought a female in who was my opposite. I was discriminated against for my religious and political views causing a major battle. I was the minority and excluded and even told I was an anomaly and there weren’t any young people out there like me – I knew they were wrong. I also knew to reach the young people out there like myself, in my own voice, I had to leave the left-leaning industry.

One call from TPUSA changed everything. Noticing my social media, they said they were huge fans of how outspoken and fearless I was regarding my beliefs. They flew me to Phoenix, AZ to meet and this is how POPlitics was born. I wanted a show to that targeted young women in high school and college who love fashion and pop-culture but are made to feel like they shouldn’t because they’re conservatives. So many people make it a “which side are you on” type of issue. It is ok to love those things and still have conservative values and political views.

I wanted a show where the followers felt like a family, a place they could catch all the latest trends and news but without the propaganda. A place where the actual truth was being told and viewers could think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. What I wanted was more than a show, I wanted to create a mini-movement where people felt there was a place to belong – and that is exactly what we did. POPlitics has been wildly successful and has grown organically, there hasn’t been any paid advertising.

Image by: Abby Bratlien

Our followers are family and are known as “cuteservatives” who live and die by the brand. All over the country they hold “meet ups” and they are becoming united and fearless, speaking out as conservatives without fear of bullying. Together we are stopping the mentality of the silent majority. POPlitics isn’t preachy, but instead thought provoking, lighthearted and fun. I plant seeds to get people thinking, allowing them to reach their own conclusions. TPUSA has some heavy hitters who can bring the truth in a world of cancel culture like nothing I have ever seen before and I think that is amazing. I am like the TPUSA cheerleader, rallying for the cause and letting people know there is a place where they belong, they’re not alone and they can stand up for what they believe.”