Warrior Women of TPUSA – Amy Robbins

Fearless Women Fighting for the Right to Hold Traditional American Values

By Karen Hunter

Amy Robbins is not only beautiful, but she is also intelligent and fierce with the ability to empower and inspire others unlike any other. Robbins excelled in her career as a model and hosting several lifestyle TV shows. Her fearless determination was unleashed in 2017 with the launch of her company Alexo Athletica, which provides fashionable and functional athletic carry wear for women. While other well-known and established brands shy away from the second amendment, Robbins confronted the issue head on pioneering the way to carry self-defense tools with confidence. This path led her to become an ambassador for TPUSA.

“I first heard of TPUSA when I started my company, Alexo Athletica. I instantly knew that the 2A community needed to be reaching out to the younger generation and I knew I wanted to be the first apparel company to partner with groups outside of the gun industry. This is what led me to TPUSA, I loved what they were doing to support the second amendment and wanted to be a part of their advocacy for conservative values. We started by sponsoring events such as the Young Women’s Leadership Summit and Student Action Summit and shortly thereafter I became an ambassador. The traditional American values that I fight for come down to our freedoms.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our freedoms are under attack – freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of religion and the entire constitution are all being threatened. If we do not fight for these, we will lose our freedom in every way. America is the greatest country in the world because of the equal opportunities we all have to make something of ourselves no matter where we come from, what we look like, or what our socioeconomic status is. As an entrepreneur I see the value in our freedom to work hard and succeed. I want every young boy and girl to have the same opportunity that I did to make something of themselves. So, when I fight for freedom, I am fighting for every single one of our children’s futures as well.

I will always continue to fight for our rights to be upheld, especially the second amendment. It is the very existence of my business and what drives me every day to work hard. My plan, as well as my company’s, is to continue to advocate and fight for our freedom while also supporting other organizations who continue to fight for our 2A and constitutional rights.”