Warrior Women of TPUSA – Isabel Brown

Fearless Women Fighting for the Right to Hold Traditional American Values

By Karen Hunter

Isabel Brown comes with an incredible story of fearless determination shining through the darkness of intense discrimination. Highly educated combined with a passion for what she believes, Brown has become one of the strongest voices for TPUSA and a leading advocate for finding truth within a nation of conditioning.  Brown exudes a strength that is not only inspiring, but empowering as it has become a source of hope and motivation to so many.

“Politics was never in my future plans. Growing up I knew who I was and what I believed. My original plan was to have a career that aligned with my passions, like science. I love science because it’s very black and white, so going into the medical field as a Biomedical Trauma Surgeon seemed perfect. I chose Colorado State University as it was viewed a “cowboy university” it would allow me the freedom of my conservative beliefs and views, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was an intense amount of indoctrination and leftist political views being taught in lieu of actual information that pertained to education. I found such an intolerance to objective truth and to anyone who didn’t agree with the views being taught. One example would be when I joined the student government and became the Speaker of the Senate, which is the third highest ranking position behind the Vice President and President. I would meet with leaders regarding plans of the university and it was a constant shaming of conservatives, muting of free speech and money being dumped into a leftist environment instead of representing the thirty-three thousand attending the college who held different views.

Through this experience I knew if no one else was going to speak up, I would have to. I attended the Young Women’s Leadership Summit held by TPUSA and fell in love with the organization. The work they do to impact American culture concerning free speech and individualism resonated deep within me. I started a chapter in my own community, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. I became known as the “conservative girl” and “that turning point girl”. I was met with an intense amount hate and intolerance, even up to the point of receiving death threats. I was called a racist white supremacist and labeled anti-woman. In my book Frontlines, I tell the stories of the assault of objective truth and what the call to action for generation Z should like in our country. Freedom is being taken away on a larger level than just college. Cancel culture is destroying the meaning of being an American and people need to understand this.

After graduating Colorado State University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, I became an independent contractor for Prager U and a spokesperson for TPUSA. In 2020 I earned my master’s degree from Georgetown University in Biomedical Sciences Policy and Advocacy. I was accepted into Law School which I will be attending this fall. I am forging ahead with TPUSA preparing for two video production shows, a daily show and a longer weekly show. Our nation has an imperfect past with mistakes that need to be taught, but the foundation cannot be erased. They are the fundamental ideas that made this country exceptional and unique from the rest of the world. This is transcendent of partisan politics and what it means to be an American. We need to stand separate from the rest of the world and set the precedence. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to be a conservative, this means everyone should have the right to their beliefs without facing intolerance and hate and the insanity of cancel culture.”