Warrior Women of TPUSA – Zoe Sozo Bethel

Fearless Women Fighting for the Right to Hold Traditional American Values

By Karen Hunter

Zoe Sozo Bethel is a beautiful personification of courage under fire. A successful model released from the modeling agency she was signed with, due to her political and moral beliefs, Bethel did not rush into court and sue for discrimination as she rightfully could have. Instead, she chose the high road handling the situation with class, grace and a ferocity to fight for truth as she found the perfect platforms to make her voice heard.

“My path has definitely taken an unexpected, but very welcomed change in course. Currently I am a reporter for the Right Side Broadcasting Network, a brand ambassador for TPUSA as well as Liberty University’s Falkirk Center for Pro-Life issues. Prior to these newer ventures, my career was in modeling. I was signed with an agency and doing very well. During casting I would never involve my political or personal views, not because of shame or being apologetic, but to maintain professionalism in my career by focusing on my work alone. On my personal social media my agent saw that I had attended an event for young black conservatives and discovered that I had voted for former President Donald Trump. After enduring her ongoing harassment, she released me due to ”political racist connections”. There were a lot of people encouraging me to sue for discrimination, but that is not the route I wanted to go. I did however want people to be aware of the incident as this was a direct attack on my freedom and civil liberties. It was the principle of the situation that I wanted to address and the fact that our employment should not be put in jeopardy due to our political stance. I shared the incident through my social media platform which was met with additional harassment and hate. My former agent claimed that I never worked for her agency and was never signed. She also went as far as to say that I was a criminal. I of course countered and proved the opposite with the signed contract my agent sent to me in the email declaring the cancellation of that contract.

Since then, God has taken me in amazing new directions, and I am open to whatever he has for me. This incident has made me stronger and given me the courage to stand up and speak out to remind people that free speech and self-expression are fundamental American rights protected by the Constitution. It is important to keep strong the traditional American values of this country. History is a lesson for us to prevent things from happening again and move on in positive directions. Our constitution is in jeopardy because of the new changes the left wants to bring into society, things that are not what make us Americans. We have civil liberties and freedoms that should not be taken away or cancelled. We have rules to live by and we need to respect the processes to enjoy these freedoms. Cancel culture is detrimental to American culture and we cannot prosper this way.

I love the direction my career is going right now as I feel my voice can be heard to make a difference. I will continue with my current journalistic platforms, and my ambassador work as well. In addition, I have been picked up by a “conservative friendly” modeling agency and I can now continue with modeling. Something fun and different that is currently in the works is a pageant reality show that is taking back the traditional values of what it means to be American. I am very excited with what lies ahead and am more than ready for whatever comes my way.”