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Hook & Barrel
A Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Outdoorsmen

November 2018

Meet Courtney Smith

Name: Courtney SmithAge: 31Hometown: Fayetteville, Arkansas Instagram: @sportswomancourtneySorority-girl-turned-professional-sportswoman Courtney Smith talks turkey and why squirrel should be on your holiday menu this yearCourtney Smith is a real-life testament to the…

Training Day

When you walk into your physician’s office you immediately look at the diploma on the wall and assess the credentials of your doctor. If you are wanting to be in…

High Dollar Decoys

The indigenous cultures first enticed ducks and geese to approach decoys woven from nearby reeds and grasses. Neither they nor the generations of artists who’ve followed could ever have anticipated…

Meet the Robertsons

Whenever possible, Jessica and Jep Robertson like to be with their family in the kitchen of their Austin home. “Food and family are two of the most important things in…

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