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Hook & Barrel
A Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Outdoorsmen

Month: June 2021

Winchester Model 70

REVIEW BY KEVIN REESE Another Winchester Win for the History Books – Rugged, reliable and precise. Among my earliest memories are the countless times I sat glued to our wood-paneled…

Sig M400 Tread Predator

REVIEW BY JEFF JOHNSTON For most American hunters, shooters, and home-defenders including this writer, nearly any sub-$1,000, mil-spec AR-15 will meet the performance requirements asked…

Kimber Micro 9 Rapide

REVIEW BY BRIAN MCCOMBIE Tiny, Potent, and Very Accurate As concealed carry became increasingly popular, gun makers turned out dozens of smaller, much-easier-to-conceal handguns. Makes sense, right? Big potential problem…

Mossberg 940 JM Pro

REVIEW BY JEFF JOHNSTON The 102-year-old O.F. Mossberg company is known for its venerable pump-action shotguns. (The Model 500 alone has sold over 12 million units, likely making it the…

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