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Hook & Barrel
A Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Outdoorsmen

October 2022

Abby Casey American Airgunner

Growing up in Georgia, my father was a big part of why I loved the outdoors. He passed away when I was 16 years old, but he had a huge influence on my life. He instilled in me the importance of the outdoors. And I had a great aunt and great uncle who were very active in the archery community in the 80s, and my aunt was a skilled bowhunter.

Nick Hoffman ‘s Wild Ride

There was a time when Nick Hoffman seemingly reached the apex as a musician, spending 12 years as Kenny Chesney’s fiddle player playing in sold-out stadiums before tens of thousands of fans. It was a wild ride.

Cooking with Cast Iron

Begin with a properly seasoned cast-iron skillet. Keep in mind that it does take a bit longer for a cast-iron skilled to reach proper temperature, and it does not distribute the heat as well as other cookware. However, there is a way to get consistent heat results every time.

The Tom and Jerry

Inside The Place on Buffalo’s Lexington Avenue, it never doesn’t feel like Christmas. Walking through the front door is like stepping into your family’s living room, where happy, smiling people immediately toast a mug as soon as you sit down, hanging your coat onto the back of a barstool. Friday fish fry specials—another great Buffalo …

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Trace Adkins

With such a big, booming voice answering with a hearty hello, it was natural for callers to assume they had the man of the house on the other end of the line. Thinking back on it still makes Trace Adkins smile. “I think I was about 14,” Adkins recalls.

Dry Age Venison

There is just something alluring about a glass-windowed dry-aging chamber. From Los Angeles to Manhattan, from Tokyo to London, restaurants offer dry-aged steaks to diners who happily pay premium prices—and for good reason—they taste delectable. So why not dry age your venison? Last year, one Vegas restaurant, Wally’s, served up the ‘most expensive steak ever …

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Randy Rogers Band New Album

That classic sound, brawny and melodic, is evident on the two songs (“Picture Frames” and “Nothing But Love Songs”) that have already seen tremendous success as advance singles.

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