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Hook & Barrel
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January 2023

Joe Nichols Good Day for Living

Joe Nichols looks out at his smiling audiences these days and sees lots of lips moving. It’s a great feeling to see his fans singing along with his latest hit song, which is basically a three-minute reminder that it’s OK to enjoy life. His upbeat “Good Day for Living” has a simple message that even Nichols seems to be taking to heart.


Five Iconic Wild West Guns

The Wild West is one of the most iconic periods in American history. It also lays claim to some of the coolest guns ever made. While there are certainly dozens of makes and models to choose from, let’s look at five iconic wild west guns.

10 weird things deer do

10 Weird Things Deer Do

Whitetails are majestic animals. They’re America’s favorite big game species. They’re one of the most researched animals in North America but are still shrouded in mystery. Despite that, we still know many things about these beloved creatures, and they do some weird and interesting stuff.

10 Weird Game Laws

10 Weird Game Laws

Having regulations in place to govern hunting is a good thing. It was the lack of these that caused the great decline of American game animals in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Still, some laws are odd, or even downright weird. These are some of the weirdest game laws that American hunters must abide by. Check out these 10 weird game laws still on the books.

5 Core Exercises for Hunters

5 Core Exercises for Hunters

We’ve compiled a few exercises to keep your core strong and work on more than just pretty-boy muscles. If you’re looking to develop that farmer strength to pack out your kills and stay moving a long time, here are some exercises that go beyond sit-ups.

18 Facts About Whitetail Buck Biology

18 Facts About Whitetail Buck Biology

The whitetail deer is the most beloved animal in North America. Maybe it’s the antlers. Perhaps it’s the venison. It could even be the adventure. Regardless, hunters love the whitetail. Here are 18 facts about whitetail buck biology.

21 Late-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

21 Late Season Deer Hunting Mistakes

Deer season is winding down, and only some late-season action remains to be had. Hunters still packing tags can either throw in the towel or continue working to finish the season strong. For those who choose the latter route, avoid making these 21 late-season deer hunting mistakes.

The Best Outdoor Adventures near Glendale, Arizona

The Best Outdoor Adventures near Glendale, Arizona

So you’re headed to Glendale, Arizona for the Super Bowl. Congratulations to you, and whatever team you’re there for. You’ll undoubtedly have plenty of Super Bowl parties on your agenda, but in between mass consumption of cold beer and hot wings, you might want to get outside and explore the magnificent desert landscape that makes up metro Phoenix.

Wild Game Pairing Strategies

Wild Game pairing strategies

When I was 8 years old, I walked through my family’s Choctaw, Oklahoma, backwoods with a single shot .22, scanning the trees for squirrels. This gun had been passed down two generations in my family and the sights had become crooked, so catching a moving squirrel became a guessing game and I missed more than I hit. Nonetheless, I returned home to grandpa’s with a couple squirrels after every adventure.

Kettlebell Workouts for Outdoorsmen

Ten Kettlebell Workouts for Outdoorsmen

Whether your season is starting right now or you’re wrapping up, there’s nothing worse than getting sidelined with an injury. Hunters who have to cover ground or anglers crossing unstable terrain both run the risk of knee injury. There are many preventative and strength building exercises you can do to help your knees, but many of them don’t reflect true conditions for the outdoorsman.

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