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Hook & Barrel
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June 2023

Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M2

Sightmark Mini Shot A-Spec M2

Leading optics manufacturer Sightmark proudly presents the Mini Shot A-Spec M2, their innovative new reflex sight, enhancing versatility with its RMR footprint compatibility. This advanced reflex sight is also compatible with previously supported RMSC and Docter cuts, broadening its usability across various pistols and reinforcing the Mini Shot A-Spec’s reputation for dependability and precision.

The Ravin R18

The Ravin R18

Ravin is leading the way to a new era in crossbow design with their most compact crossbow ever, the Ravin R18. Well known for their crossbows being accurate and powerful without sacrificing size, Ravin certainly sticks to that philosophy, but in a design we have never seen before. 

Ravin R500E


Ravin took crossbows to a new level with their R500 line. The RAVIN R500E was such a huge leap forward from anything that I’ve seen before that I started to wonder how long it would be before I’d see Chewbacca’s Bowcaster in production.

Lynda Turnbull

Meet Lynda Turnbull

I grew up in Montana until I was about 10 years old. My dad is an underground miner, and we moved to Nevada. He got me in to guns when I was about 12; we would go out in the desert and hunt jackrabbits and coyotes with our ARs slung on our backs

Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana Goes Full Send

One might think that a guy who’s spent his life racing high performance vehicles at breakneck speeds—and occasionally flipping them for extra points—wouldn’t be afraid of much. But Travis Pastrana has his own fears, which to him are more terrifying than crashing a car going 200 miles an hour. “My goal in life has been to never grow up,” he says.

Deer Scouting

Scout Like a Soccer Dad

Despite all of our technological advancements, people have less free time now than at any point in modern history. And it’s not just the adults. Anyone with kids in sports, band or dance knows practices can be every day plus Saturdays. Who has time to scout between work, chores and keeping up with your kids’ activities? And if you don’t scout, there’s a good chance you won’t deer hunt, either.

Hawaiian Cowboy Whiskey

Hawaiian Cowboy Whiskey

In the middle of a Maui Gold pineapple field on the fertile flanks of the Haleakalá volcano, planted rows of the king of fruit stretch to the horizon. As far as the eye can see, plump yellow pineapple bodies with spiky green crowns sit on thrones of sharp, sworded leaves.

Matt Bolus: Bullet, Blade and Big Green Eggs

Bullet, Blade and Big Green Eggs

Matt Bolus isn’t your average Southern BBQ guy. The Nashville, Tennessee, restaurateur has built a unique offering and a national following with the 404 Kitchen, a restaurant where the most important influence is the outdoors and the wild bounty of the southeast.

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