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brian kelley playing guitar

Musician Brian Kelley’s new song “How We’re Livin'” take on the charts. Plus, a new partnership with Mossy Oak.

Diamond-selling superstar Brian Kelley is proudly wearing his country heart on his sleeve in his latest cranked-up Country anthem, “How We’re Livin‘.” In this thundering tribute to embracing one’s roots and pursuing a passionate life, Kelley invites listeners to join the celebration.

“‘How We’re Livin’’ is an authentic anthem celebrating family tradition and country living,” shares Kelley. “Most people know my love for the beach, but I’ve been in a cowboy hat since birth. This song is all about being proud of where you come from and living life to the fullest. I’m constantly inspired by everything around me, and these lyrics really do reflect a genuine connection to my roots and what’s influencing my forthcoming debut album.”

About The Song & The Kelleys

brian kelley of florida georgia line

Co-written by Kelley alongside talented songwriters Micah Carpenter, Jimmy Robbins, and Mark Trussell, this high-octane anthem encapsulates what Kelley calls the “country boy condition” – a condition that compels those born in the country to never do anything halfway.

As Brian Kelley approaches his 10-year wedding anniversary with wife Brittney, the couple frequently spends time in her native Georgia. Whether they’re fishing, riding ATVs, or simply rocking on the front porch, their down-to-earth lifestyle embodies the spirit of “How We’re Livin’.”

Plus, Tribe Kelley Partners With Mossy Oak

In addition to their love for the outdoors, the Kelleys have combined their passion with their fashion brand, Tribe Kelley. They recently announced a partnership with Mossy Oak, a leader in camouflage design and outdoor lifestyle apparel. The collaboration features Mossy Oak’s iconic Greenleaf pattern on a variety of Tribe Kelley’s products.

The USA-made apparel is sold at Tribe Kelley’s official online store. You can also find it at their brick-and-mortar location, Tribe Kelley Surf Post, in Grayton Beach, Florida.

Saltwater And Music Are At The Heart Of Brian Kelley’s DNA
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