Monday, March 1, 2021

Michael Waddell – The Gig is Up, Tom.

Bag a turkey—the Michael Wadell way. STORY BY JEFF JOHNSTON | PHOTOS COURTESY OF BONE COLLECTOR You might recognize Michael Waddell from his role as host of his Bone Collector outdoor TV show ... or then...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Legend

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. on his father, his career, his affinity for big bucks, and why not driving is NOT an option. STORY BY BARRY WISE SMITH “I don’t ever want to stop racing, and...

Blue Collar Man – Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe finds passion in everyday tasks. There’s a question that Mike Rowe gets asked so often that he was sick of it for a while. But then he decided to have a...
Hook and Barrel Jan Feb 2021 JW Cortes Carlos Alvarez

A Life of Service – J.W. Cortés—aka Det. Carlos Alvarez

Marine combat veteran J.W. Cortés—aka Det. Carlos Alvarez on “Gotham”—walks the walk in real life with the NYPD, showing kids in the roughest neighborhoods that cops are on their side. In 2003, platoon sergeant J.W....
hook and barrel michael waddell bone collector hunting answers feature

The Philosopher – Hunting for Answers with Michael Waddell

Hunting for Answers with Bone Collector’s Michael Waddell I am not quite sure what an Editor-in-Chief does at other publications, but here at Hook & Barrel, it’s not all fun and games (though by our...
hook and barrel luke bryan hunting and country music feature

‘Tis Always the Season for avid hunter Luke Bryan

Holidays bring deep meaning for country music megastar Luke Bryan When he’s asked what’s his favorite kind of hunting, Luke Bryan is quick with a simple answer: “Whatever’s in season.” Along with making music and spending...
Football great Herschel Walker speaks to the Class of 2016 during Basic Cadet Training in the U.S. Air Force Academy's Jacks Va

Herschel Walker – Together We Stand

Herschel Walker By acclamation, Herschel Walker is the greatest college running back of all time. Walker is widely known for his sensational football career at the University of Georgia (UGA), where he led the Bulldogs...
hook and barrel phil robertson the duck commander faith family ducks and jesus polititcs feature

Phil Robertson: The Duck Commander Commandeth

Faith, Family, Ducks… and Jesus Politics One of seven children born to Merritt and James Robertson, Phil Robertson’s story began on April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana. To suggest the Robertsons were poor is something...
Donald Trump Jr. Hook and Barrel Feature

The Mentor – Donald Trump Jr. Keeps the Outdoors Great

Teaching an Appreciation for the Outdoors - Donald Trump Jr. His grandfather taught Donald Trump Jr. how to appreciate the Great Outdoors. Now Trump’s working to pass those lessons on. You might not expect the prep-schooled...
Hook and Barrel Ted Nugent

I AM A PRIMITIVE MAN  – Ted Nugent          

Ted Nugent – I Am A Primitive Man  Dirty hands make for a stronger heart and a cleaner soul. I just made that up. Well, I didn’t really make it up per se, but after...