Monday, October 18, 2021

Walker’s Cay is Back!

Big Names And Big Fish Gather In The Bahamas For The Walker’s Cay Blue Marlin Invitational Fishing Tournament. When it comes to making a positive impact, few have worked harder, overcome more, provided more hurricane...

Surf Fishing

Sport for a lifetime. BY WILLIAM A. MULLER There are many levels of participation in surf fishing, just as there are for bowling, tennis, baseball, and other sports, that range from casual to seasoned professional. Almost...

The Fortunate Times of Captain Sig

Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen continues to be excited by the risks and rewards of commercial crab fishing. STORY BY GLENN HUNTER Captain Sig Hansen was up in the wheelhouse of his F/V Northwestern fishing vessel...

Precious Cargo

Extra care is needed this year for the Laguna Madre sea trout population “It’s not a red!” shouted an excited Taylor Garcia, as a huge silver flash resembling a seatrout emerged from the water. For...

If You Can Count Them, You Don’t Have Enough

Dan Basore and his fishing lures. STORY BY LEW FREEDMAN They find him. Or he finds them. If fishing lures are being transacted, if fishing lures are being debated, if fishing lures are being written about...

The Trick To Tarpon | Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Catching a Silver King on the Fly As you drive down U.S. Highway 1 in Florida and cruise over the turtle-green bays and into the saltwater fishing capital of the world, Islamorada, there’s a pier-side...

Vamos a Pescar | Fishing with a Hispanic View

Fishing with a Hispanic View Fishing is fishing, no matter where you are, what religion you believe in, your race, your age, or what political party you vote for. It is an experience more than...
Deadliest Catch Wild Bill Discovery pic1

Born to Be Wild | Deadliest Catch’s “Wild Bill”

Deadliest Catch’s “Wild Bill” and His Crew Challenge the Bering Sea PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL It’s easy to pick out which captain on the Discovery TV series Deadliest Catch is called “Wild Bill.” He’s...
wayne bisbee fishing tournament feature

Like Father, Like Son

How Wayne Bisbee Helped to Grow the World’s Richest Sportfishing Tournament PHOTOS BY JOHN J. RADZWILLA For a guy whose main job is running the richest sportfishing tournament in the world, R. Wayne Bisbee sure has a lot...
bank fishing bill dance feature

Bank Fishing The Legend of Bill Dance

Learning to Bank Fish From The Man In The Tennessee Cap Merriam-Webster’s definition of a fisherman is one who engages in fishing as an occupation or for pleasure. If their definition also included an example of a...