Sunday, September 26, 2021

Are You Primed for the Season?

Federal’s new supplement line, Primed, is designed specifically for the active outdoorsman. Review by Dr. Brooks Tiller As hunters and shooters, we know that a small movement while shooting can have a big impact downrange. We...

Signal 11 Lures

Attracting bucks and rock stars alike. REVIEW BY JOHN J. RADZWILLA During pre-rut and especially during the rut, I often try deer attractants to increase my chances, and with so many out there, from the mass-produced...

Yes, You Can Hunt Elk On Your Own

You and your buddies have talked about it for years. Well, no more excuses. Pack up your rig, point it west and hunt elk. Here’s how. STORY BY PJ DelHomme At 0430 last September, I poked...

Understanding the Rut

Why normally shy and mostly nocturnal whitetails lose their minds every November. STORY BY KENNETH PIPER JR. A misty rain had just fizzled out, and the sun broke through the clouds when a chaotic thrashing of...

Winchester Ammunition Delivers Hope

Winchester celebrates its commitment to American freedom with the USA VALOR™ ammunition series. This limited-edition collection of military inspired ammunition is now available in 9mm, 5.56mm, and 12 gauge buck shot. Every purchase of Winchester...

Free Range Aoudad Hunting

Dead or Alive, Free Range Aoudad Hunting in Lajitas, Texas. STORY BY JOHN J. RADZWILLA PHOTOS BY JON BASH, GHOST CAT PRODUCTIONS OUTFITTED BY PNUMA OUTDOORS Barren and desolate are just a couple of words I could use...

Operation: Condor!

Zipline for big bucks—big buck obsession leads to innovation. STORY BY JEFF JOHNSTON Mat “the Condor'' Hoffman is a legendary vert ramp/big air BMX rider who dominated the circuit in the 90s, 2000s, and ESPN’s initial...

Michael Waddell – The Jig is Up, Tom.

Bag a turkey—the Michael Waddell way. STORY BY JEFF JOHNSTON | PHOTOS COURTESY OF BONE COLLECTOR You might recognize Michael Waddell from his role as host of his Bone Collector outdoor TV show ... or then...
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The Philosopher – Hunting for Answers with Michael Waddell

Hunting for Answers with Bone Collector’s Michael Waddell I am not quite sure what an Editor-in-Chief does at other publications, but here at Hook & Barrel, it’s not all fun and games (though by our...
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Deer Hunting Myths, Truths, And The Spaces In Between!

Fact and Fiction: Deer Hunting Myths, Truths, And The Spaces In Between! Deer season is upon us, and that means that one of deer hunting’s longest and strongest traditions is in full force: all the “you have tos” and “don’t evers” that deer...