Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Helicopter Hunting - A shooting experience like no other.

Hog Wild Helicopter Hunting

When people think of exclusive hunting experiences, they more often than not conjure up images of wealthy people in exotic locations with big game trophies. However, thanks to Andy Anderson, owner of Executive Outdoor...

Ode to Duck Hunters

by: Katey McClenny photography by: Tyger Wilbanks and Westin Bryant As opening day approaches, I find myself wondering again why I am so invested in this crazy sport called duck hunting. Why do we lose hours...

Saving the Bobwhite Quail

In the fall of 2010, the Northern bobwhite quail population plummeted in the rolling plains of Texas and Oklahoma, and it’s never been the same. “The Bobwhite” film shares the mission of a West...

What Do I Need to Bring?

A question I often receive is, “What should I bring with me on my hunt?” My first and somewhat sarcastic response generally entails something along the lines of “Bring a good attitude, a sense...
Lee Brice Outdoors

Hunting with Lee Brice

When asked about his favorite spots to hunt and fish, Lee Brice named his top five. Here they are in no particular order... “All these places replenish my soul," says Brice. Waccamaw River, South Carolina Right...

The Science of Camo

How mathematical principles can win the concealment game. In the crowded camouflage industry, different brands that specialize in particular hunting niches provide consumers an array of camo patterns to choose from. Most claim to be...

Riley Green – In the Hunt

Keep your eye on the meteoric rise of country music and TV star Riley Green The road to country music stardom doesn't leave much room for detours, but that hasn't stopped Riley Green from making...

Here’s Your Sign.

Poaching isn’t sexy. Especially not to a game warden. An Oklahoma woman looking for love on a dating app is facing hefty fines after a message exchange with a game warden revealed her recent alleged...
Hunt gobbler turkey and largemouth bass in the heart of Texas, just north of the town of Brady at Champion Ranch

Cast & Blast Texas Style

Gobblers and Largemouth Bass in the Heart of Texas by: Dustin Catrett Under the cover of darkness, my guide Keith and I slowly crept along a moonlit path under the silhouette of a large oak tree....

Hunting Nilgai Antelope in South Texas

by: Dustin Catrett Crouched beneath a canopy of mesquite trees, my guide Tony and I have crept, crawled, and even ran behind an animal I’d swear was a ghost if it weren’t for the large...