Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Bowhunting 101: Tradition, Tips, and Tactics

Meet your Bowhunting Professor, Jim Shockey. More than a century ago, our Father of Conservation and American President, Theodore Roosevelt, had it right when he rather eloquently quipped, ”I do not believe that any man...

Bowhunting with Thermal: NO LONGER OPTIONAL

Pulsar’s Axion is a bowhunter’s walk, wait, and recovery problem solver. The Walk Trekking across unfamiliar ground in the dead of night is no small task; of course, my knack for picking out the loudest twigs...
Hook and Barrel Deer Scouting feature

Deer Scouting 101

How To:  Deer Scouting 101  If you wish to be a great whitetail hunter, learn where bucks live and feed in your hunting area, how they move, and where to strategically position yourself. It’s called...

Fly Fishing…The Next Big Thing?

Fly fishing is back—and bigger than ever. “It’s gonna happen sooner or later—you’ll hook yourself or you’ll hook a friend, so pinch down your barbs.”  I’m knee-deep in the Battenkill River when I remember that advice from instructor Jackie Kutzer, one of three anglers...

Be Prepared, Pt. 2

by: Talon Smith, US NAVY Corpsman In the last issue of Hook & Barrel, I lightly touched on preparing for the worst case scenario. There is a plethora of knowledge I didn’t hit on and...

Fishing with Colt McCoy

COLT’S FAVORITE FISHING HOLES Colt McCoy has a new favorite fishing spot. He just hasn’t found it yet. “I’ve fished on the (Texas) coast, I fished in lakes, I fished in the Great Lakes for walleyes...

The Battle Against Ticks

The Atlanta-based Centers For Disease Control (CDC) predicts that 2018 will see diseases transmitted through the bites of mosquitos, fleas and ticks to be a “growing public health problem” this year. The relatively mild...