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ruger cowboy action shooting

Let Ruger Be Your Go-To For Cowboy Guns

Cowboy action shooting is a growing sport, and there’s little wonder why. Anybody who has ever tried that kind of competition knows it’s just plain Fun with a capital F. 

What Is Cowboy Action Shooting?

In a nutshell, cowboy action shooters from a number of competition-minded organizations work their way through a number of stages punching holes and knocking down steel targets with guns like those used back in the Old West days of America’s westward migration. Those who make the most hits and least misses in the fastest time are the winners. Those who are slower or less accurate don’t find themselves atop the podium at the end but still have just as much fun. 

To navigate these stages, a competitor uses three different types of firearms—rifle, shotgun, and handgun. Rifles are of the lever-action variety like those used back during the “taming of the West,” although some competitors use pump-action rifles. For shotguns, competitors typically use side-by-side double-barrels, although some will use lever-action shotguns that were also used back in the day. For the handgun, cowboy action shooting is the realm of single-action revolvers—those cool six-guns used in historic gunfights like the one at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. 

Ruger Has You Covered 

When it comes to revolvers for Cowboy Action Shooting, Ruger has you covered. Two of the legendary company’s favorite single-actions are the Vaquero and the New Model Blackhawk. 

Ruger Vaquero

ruger vaquero

The Ruger Vaquero is a top-quality single-action revolver available in blued, stainless, Bisley, and SASS models. The revolver is offered in a number of calibers including .45 Colt, .357 Mag., .45 Auto and there’s even a version that has interchangeable cylinders for shooting .357 Mag. or 9mm ammo. 

All models except for a few with bird’s-head grips feature a traditional, western-style, hand-filling grip. Their cold hammer-forged barrels lend themselves to outstanding accuracy, and a transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide security against accidental discharge. 

MSRP for the Vaquero ranges from $1,079 to $1,169 depending on the model, which certainly isn’t peanuts but still very reasonable. Note that you’ll need a pair of revolvers, so budget accordingly. 

Ruger New Model Blackhawk

The Ruger New Model Blackhawk is another excellent choice. It’s offered in four different models—Blued, Stainless, Convertible, and Bisley. Featuring a fixed-ramp front sight and adjustable rear, the Blackhawk’s ultraprecise rifling ensures accuracy when the chips are down, whether in the field or in competition. The Hunter and Bisley Hunter models also feature a solid rib atop the barrel and integral mounts for mounting an optic. 

new model blackhawk

Ruger also offers a New Model Super Blackhawk in Standard, Bisley, Hunter, and Bisley Hunter configurations. MSRPs range from $1,079 to $1,249. 

.22 Cowboy Plinkers: Wrangler & Super Wrangler 

While .22 LR isn’t typically an allowed caliber for most divisions in cowboy action shooting, .22 revolvers are great for practicing at a budget. With a revolver that operates the same as your competition gun, you can punch paper at the range without springing for more expensive centerfire ammo. 

Ruger Wrangler

Ruger's Super Wrangler
Top left: The Silver Cerakote, 4.62-inch barreled Ruger Wrangler. Top right: A 3.75-inch barreled Ruger Wrangler with Bird’s-head grip and Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish. Bottom: The “convertible” Super Wrangler.

Enter the Ruger Wrangler revolver, available in 29 different models. Chambered in .22 LR, the Wrangler is made in barrel lengths from 3.75 to 7.5 five inches and a variety of Cerakote finishes ranging from black to silver to burnt bronze. They’re also available with either standard, and bird’s-head grips, and the MSRP for the base model is an easy-to-digest $269.  

Ruger Super Wrangler

Step up your Cowboy game even more with Ruger’s new Super Wrangler. It’s chambered for affordable rimfire shooting but comes with an extra cylinder that will allow you to shoot the more potent .22 WMR cartridge.  

Are You Ruger Ready To Cowboy Up? 

In the end, Ruger makes top-quality revolvers that are built to last. It’s hard to go wrong carrying one of their wheel guns in your holster. 

Whether you’re shopping for a revolver for competition, plinking, range fun, or self-defense, check out what Ruger has to offer at ruger.com

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from sales generated by our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

Ruger Super Wrangler Convertible Single-Action Revolver
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