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It’s not often that you can point to a genuine celebrity on the NRA circuit, but Colion Noir, host of the NRA web series NOIR, has more than 74 million views on YouTube and more than 600,000 subscribers to his channel. Hook & Barrel recently caught up with Noir at the Frisco (TX) Gun Club, where he told us his top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Do more long range shooting. My overall goal is to become the Bo Jackson of the gun world. I want to be moderately proficient in every shooting style you can think of and my weakness is long range shooting.

2. Start writing my book or books. I have several in me. A memoir or a sort-of gun control talking points for dummies. Something that educates on the talking points of gun control so people can speak and respond intelligently at their next dinner party.

3. Finish writing my urban tactical Black Mirror-esq episodic series. I am a big fan of the Black Mirror series. I want to write my own episodic series of everyday situations we find ourselves in and take it to our worst case conclusion. A combo of entertainment and reality.

4. Design my custom Glock. I want a very minimalist conceal carry (probably a Glock 26) that inspires confidence and absolutely no printing on the gun. I want it small enough that I can make it completely disappear with the way that I dress.

5. Actually take a real vacation anywhere that I can unplug. Some place with water, maybe foreign like Tahiti, where I can disconnect, relax and not do any work related to firearms.

6. Write on my blog more consistently ( It is not a write and post process. It is very time consuming but I need to carve out more time to post consistently.

7. Improve my work/life balance and as I get more time back, make it a priority to make what I do with that time non-work related. I have occupational FOMO (fear of missing out on work). Take time to have a mental vacation. Do more social activities and actual be present and not multi-task.

8. Buy that Ducati I’ve always wanted. Everyone I talk to has always tried to talk me out of it but I still want one.

9. Call my mom, dad and aunt more. My mom worries about me immensely and calls me every day. They all check in on me all the time but if they didn’t I don’t make a point of calling them first.

10. Learn a new skill. I don’t know how to cook. I don’t know how I am going to find time to do it but it is a skill set I need.

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