Photograph by Terri Glanger

In honor of dove season, Chef Atkinson created an original recipe for Hook & Barrel.

Prosciutto Wrapped Dove Breast with Elk Sausage Roulade

1 Dove Breast
2 Slices Prosciutto
¼ cup Ground Elk
1 Slice chopped Bacon
½ tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp diced red bell pepper
1 tsp diced red onion
1 tsp diced poblano pepper
Pinch of salt

1. Pound the dove breast with a mallet until it is ¼ inch thick and evenly distributed, it should be somewhat rectangular.

2. In a bowl mix the ground elk, bacon, garlic, red bell pepper, red onion, poblano and salt.

3. On a cutting board, lay down the prosciutto slices so they are slightly overlapping, you want it to be a tad bit bigger than your dove breast meat.

4. Lay the dove breast meat on top of the prosciutto, you should have a flat layer of prosciutto with a flat layer of dove breast on top, both resembling a rectangular shape.

5. Take the elk sausage mixture and form it into a log shape in the middle of your dove breast meat, going the long way. Starting from the bottom, roll up the entire assembly as tightly as possible into a cigar shape.

6. Cook on a greased sheet tray or pan in the oven at 350 F until the prosciutto has tightened up, roughly 10-15 minutes.

Slice and enjoy!