Hunters Don’t Vote! – 30-50% Of Hunter’s Don’t Vote!

In today’s world, nothing shocks me. Yet, I was blindsided by one man’s statement that, “Hunters don’t vote.” When I first heard it, I remember thinking this guy had been given some bad information or had no clue what he was talking about. As a life-long hunter, I vote and “knew” my fellow hunters did the same. Boy, was I wrong. 

Hosting the television show, MacMillan River Adventures on Outdoor Channel has given me the opportunity to hunt with many celebrities, politicians, and other professional hunters.  It was as a result of one of those relationships that in January 2016, I found myself at the event where I heard those shocking words. The words, “Hunters don’t vote” were spoken by then-candidate, now President Donald J. Trump. 

So, I did a little research, which has turned into a lot of research, and I learned two things. First, hunters don’t vote. At least not in numbers we have all assumed for years. And second, non-voting hunters represent a significant enough percentage that if they voted, hunters could be a voting block that would impact election results. I was stunned. 

It was clear, depending on the state, 30 to 50 percent of licensed hunters don’t vote regularly. More than 35 percent skipped the 2016 and 2018 elections completely. Sadly, a third of licensed hunters aren’t even registered to vote. 

I realized that many of the problems that have put hunters on the Endangered Species List are of our own doing. By hunters not voting our values, anti-hunting voters are selecting the elected officials who are making laws and regulations that directly impact our hunting lifestyle and all of our traditional American values. This includes the dangerously rapid reduction of Americans who hunt, which can be traced to the anti-hunting regulations that make it harder to retain and recruit hunters.  

A couple of years ago, while sitting around a campfire with a friend, we discussed what a tragedy it was that hunters are sitting on the sidelines in the voting process while anti-hunters are voting-in politicians who are legislating away our lifestyle. Somehow, we needed to help hunters realize that if they continued to be apathetic, hunting could be legislated away in one election cycle. Yet, if engaged, hunters could be the difference makers in protecting all of our traditional American values. We concluded that as bad as the problem is, the solution is simple.  

The solution is Hunter Nation and its non-profit, the Hunt the Vote Foundation.  Hunt the Vote’s initiative is straightforward: inform hunters about critical issues that impact them, get them registered to vote, and motivate them to go vote their values.        

“Hunt the Vote” does not tell hunters who to vote for, only to vote their values.  If hunters do that, the men and women who will win in November will be those who work to protect those same values. My confidence is based on the fact that I have been blessed to share campfires with thousands of American hunters. These campfires include men and women, young and old, hunters of all ethnicities, all religions, rich and poor, and every background you can imagine. I’m impressed with how well-versed hunters are on current events and political topics. Although we don’t agree on every issue, we do agree on the core values of God, family, country, and the importance of preserving our hunting lifestyle. So, by the time the fire turns to embers, we have solved all of the world’s problems. If we can get those hunters to vote, they will be the difference makers who elect those actually charged with solving our nation’s problems. By voting their values, our hunting lifestyle will be preserved.

Recently, I was with Ted Nugent, an advisor to Hunter Nation, and we were talking about how November 2020 is the most critical election of our lifetime. We also discussed the important role that hunters have played since God created the world and how it would be up to hunters to step forward and be the difference makers again. Somewhere in that conversation, we composed: “God Made A Hunter.” 

“God Made A Hunter” is part prayer, part song, part poem, and 100 percent from the heart. It is a powerful tribute to the American hunter that was inspired by the timeless work of Paul Harvey and his ode to the American farmer, “God Made A Farmer.”

With space being limited here I cannot share “God Made a Hunter” in its entirety.  But here is one powerful part of the prayer:

“So, today in this most critical time,

with the future of our great Nation in the balance,

what has God done?

God made you, the Hunter!”

Please go to to experience “God Made a Hunter.” While there, sign the pledge! Pledge that you will not remain on the sidelines while our traditional American values are being destroyed, but instead, you can be a difference maker by voting your values in November! Then, when the conversation comes up in the future, people will announce: “Hunters Do Vote!”    

God Bless!

Co-Founder, Hunter Nation