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Feed a Hungry Horde With Delicious Smoked Chicken Wings

Nothing screams ‘Merica and summertime backyard grilling or tailgating quite like chicken wings. The flavor possibilities are seemingly endless, they easily feed a large party, and just about everyone loves them. Be sure to have plenty of napkins ready, because wet or dry, almost everyone with a hungry belly will devour a plate full of wings and get messy in the process. My approval gauge is usually in how many napkins disappear, and offering different flavor profiles provides more satisfying “ooohs” and “ahhs.” 

Personally, I shudder at the thought of “boneless wings,” but if that’s your thing, well then that is your thing, so roll with it. It is your time and money so you choose what you like best and knock it out of the park. For this article, I am going to give you my favorite recipe for chicken wings, and it never fails to deliver results. I always hear “Do you have any more?” I like to deliver 3-4 different flavors – even when I am just making them for myself. 

a plate of smoked chicken wings

An Easy & Affordable Meal

Another great thing about chicken wings is they are inexpensive, and it is very hard to ruin them unless you burn them or undercook them of course. If you have read my previous articles in this series you know that when you use a meat thermometer and cook to internal temperature and not time you drastically reduce the chance of ruining the meat. 

Here’s a little money-saving tip: You can buy wings ready to go, but you pay for the convenience, or you can buy entire chicken wings still attached. Simply use kitchen shears to cut the tips (also known as the thumb) off at the outer joint. Then take a sharp knife and cut through between the upper arm and forearm, twist to break the bone apart, and then cut through. Or, you can use kitchen shears to do that. This method is quick and will save you a few bucks. 

Heat management with your smoker is going to be key, as chicken wings cook fast, and it is easy to burn them if you do not pay attention. 

You will need: 

  1. Digital meat thermometer
  2. Disposable aluminum pan
  3. Disposable gloves are great if you have them
  4. Tongs
  5. Grill gloves
  6. Fuel source
  7. Smoker
  8. Large cutting board 
  9. Sharp knife 


  1. Chicken wings. A good rule of thumb is 6-8 wings per person 
  2. Yellow mustard for binder
  3. I recommend using 3-4 different rubs of your choice. I usually use a buffalo rub, an SPG (salt, pepper, and garlic) rub, lemon pepper rub, blackberry chipotle rub, and a rub with a heavy paprika base 
  4. Granulated garlic (if you are a garlic lover like me)
  5. Either avocado oil spray or olive oil spray. I do not recommend vegetable oil


  1. Preheat your smoker to 300-350° F. Add real mesquite or pecan wood chunks to the firebox if using a non-pellet smoker
  2. Take out chicken wings, separate the three parts to the whole wing, and then dry them thoroughly with paper towels. Remove as much surface moisture as you can
  3. Place wings in a mixing bowl, coat with oil of your choice, and mix evenly
  4. Spread the wings out on a cooking sheet, coat them with granulated garlic, and then with the rubs of your choice

Cooking Steps: 

  1. Place wings on the smoker and cook to an internal temperature of 165° F
  2. Coat with sauce if you like, or serve dry
  3. Time to eat! 

Smoked chicken wings are simple to make, but taste amazing!  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

Smoker Series: How to Smoke Chicken Wings
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