Trophy Mount

Each morning as the sun rises, a beam of light pokes through the louvers of my blinds and one of my most prized possessions becomes illuminated with the promise of a new day. I sit on my couch and stare in awe at this great work of art. I give thanks for the artist and His creativity. I reminisce on the exact moment I was given this gift and my mind slowly drifts to happy memories of adventure and achievement. Beautiful strokes of artistry from the hands of a great visionary and creator are brushed down its sides and the perfection of the angles and curves slowly come into view as the room grows lighter. Soft neutral colors and natural tones splash along the artist’s canvas as the grandeur of His creation arises from the shadows of my living room.

“Mornings are a time to reflect and be grateful for all that we have in this life.”

For centuries artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo created some of mankind’s greatest works of art, but none compare to my artist’s work. With artistic genius second to none, my example is just one of His creations from a collection that millions of people share. We have been chosen to not only collect His art, but also ensure that His artwork is respected. A master of beauty, His work is on display in museums and homes while also thriving in nature. His work is to be seen, loved, and cared for. The artist’s name is God and animals are His greatest works.

Some critics may argue that to collect His work is a disrespect to Him as an artist, but I beg to differ. I believe it is the ultimate compliment as long as His work is respected with the utmost honor. No one creation is more beautiful than another in His eyes, but some are rare, sought after, and collected by man. It is through this collecting process that man can embrace the thought that went into His creations.

“Though a beautiful trophy, it represents much more than a hunt… its about good times with great people.”

His work hanging on our wall is more than just art. It is a small piece of a greater picture that He has painted for us. It is the memory of the journey taken, the unexpected adventure, and the people we met and the friendship they offered along the way. It is pink painted morning skies, game filled mountains soaked in His inspiration, and rugged trails rich in a pallet of color that He has chosen from. It is an all day hunt for the perfect animal and the many we passed up for future generations. The trophy is the one tangible thing we bring into our homes. It is a token of our success because of Him. Once on our walls, it acts as a silent reminder of His greater glory that surrounds us at all times.

Trophy Mount as art in the home

With all great artwork though, it must be framed so that all may enjoy it for years to come. This in my opinion is one of the greatest aspects of His work and our greatest responsibility. It is because of Him and through the hands of man that we are able to preserve it. Hunters fund this process through financial contributions both direct and indirectly. This is the paradox that has been created and must be understood: Because we conserve a species through hunting, we preserve a species for the future.

“The paradox is simply called, conservation.”

So as I sit each morning sipping my coffee, I give thanks for the things that led me to the trophy hanging on the my wall, the animal that gives me so much enjoyment, and every thing to come on my next hunt. I am honored to conserve and preserve a species through this process. The moment we begin to take His work for granted, in my opinion, is the moment that the artist creates His last masterpiece.

Good Morning Coffee