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The Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Trail Camera Embraces A.I., Allowing Users to Focus on the Species They Care Most About

Moultrie Mobile is known as a leader in cellular trail cameras and an all-in-one remote monitoring app for hunters and property owners. And today, it’s introducing the Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera ($180). This camera, enhanced by AI, now includes all-new False Trigger Elimination capabilities.

“We’re always on the lookout for innovations to elevate our industry and enhance the experience for hunters and landowners,” noted Daniel Wilson, General Manager of Moultrie Mobile. “The Edge Pro represents a significant advancement. It introduces fresh technology to cellular trail cameras to eliminate false triggers and other challenges in wildlife and property management.”

About the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro

The Edge Pro pioneers the integration of AI-powered False Trigger Elimination. It does this through what it calls Smart Capture and Smart Zone technology. Smart Capture Technology lets users control the species captured, extending battery life and saving time sifting through non-targeted images. Additionally, Smart Zone lets users designate detection areas. This means it ignores objects that might trigger false alerts. Further, these innovations collectively reduce false triggers by up to 99%, reshaping possibilities in cellular trail cameras.

The Edge Pro also boasts NYXEL NIR technology for low-light performance with minimal power consumption. Bluetooth-enabled Live View Aim via the Moultrie Mobile App offers exceptional 36MP images, 1080P videos, and high-speed trigger response. And to top it off, the camera holds 100 feet of detection range, built-in memory, versatile power choices, and nationwide coverage through Auto Connect Technology.

It’s available now both in stores and online.

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