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Testing The New Modern Ranch Rifle For Those In Over-Regulated States

One of the biggest Boogeyman guns to the left is the AR-15, which is heavily restricted in many states because of its general design. For those who live behind enemy lines and can’t have an AR-15, Sig Sauer now has an option for you—the Sig MCX-Regulator.

Sig MCX-Regulator
For this test, the author used a Silencer Central BANISH Speed K suppressor and a Trijicon scope.

This newest addition to the MCX family combines the upper receiver of the MCX SPEAR-LT and gas piston system used by Special Forces worldwide with a newly designed lower receiver, trigger, and stock. Sig has categorized this new MCX as a ranch rifle. While it has a unique look, the proprietary lower is compatible with any MCX upper. The MCX-Regulator is an aluminum-frame rifle with a gas-piston operating system in a Gen II NiR FDE Cerakote for reduced IR signature.  The platform features a fully ambidextrous magazine release, safety selector, and bolt catch. It ships with a two-stage match trigger, a cold hammer-forged carbon steel barrel, and a Sig-designed muzzle brake. Available in 7.62×39 and 5.56 calibers, the MCX-Regulator offers a built-in Arca Rail for easy tripod mounting and ships with a 10-round mag.

First Impressions

My first hands-on impressions were, “What the hell is this?” Let’s be honest, it is a unique-looking rifle. Shooting-wise, though, it was another story. While you can love or hate the look, the rifle is a shooter.

The excellent trigger and good barrel gave me solid 1.5-inch groups with little effort. I believe match ammo and a shooting rest could get the groups at 1 inch or better. The gun is in the MCX family and has an AR-15 vibe. However, the overall design has forced a few changes. In my opinion, if you don’t think of it as an AR you will have a much easier time adapting to the control positions. I ran Hornady Black and Federal American Eagle ammo through the gun and had no malfunctions or issues. 

I did take the opportunity to run the rifle suppressed as well. My suppressor of choice was the Silencer Central Speed K. This short design can fit the rifle perfectly and provides more than enough suppression to make shooting an even greater pleasure. 

Sig has taken a step to fill a gap in the firearms world. While it is a unique design, the rifle shoots well and runs flawlessly. “This is the first time the DNA of an Elite Special Forces battle platform, flawless function, and a short-stroke gas piston system has been specifically designed and visioned for the working rifle,” said Tom Taylor, Sig’s chief marketing officer and EVP of commercial sales. “At Sig Sauer, we don’t subscribe to the premise that it’s acceptable to compromise for any purpose, including your working rifle and this rifle will revolutionize a day at the ranch or however you use your Regulator.”

The Sig Sauer 5.56 MCX-Regulator Pairs Well With…

A Sig rifle will obviously pair well with a Sig Optic. The Tango-MSR LPVO in 1-6x24mm is spot on for MCX-Regulator as its 1-6 magnification range will give you clear shots on everything from close contact to 300 yards and beyond. The optic comes with the Sig Alpha-MSR one-piece aluminum cantilever mount to make mounting a breeze. MSRP: $400. (sigsauer.com)

Tango-MSR LPVO in 1-6x24mm

Sig MCX-Regulator

Specifications: Sig Sauer 5.56 MCX-Regulator


BARREL: 16 inches

OA LENGTH: 39.1 inches

WEIGHT: 7.9 pounds (empty)


ACTION: Semi-automatic


FINISH: Gen II NiR FDE Cerakote


MSRP: $3,000

URL: sigsauer.com

reviewing the sig sauer 5.56 mcx-regulator

Sig Sauer’s New MCX-Regulator 5.56 & 7.62×39
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