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See Where the Silent Magic Happens—Plus the BANISH Speed K Ti Test

As a writer, I get the honor of attending media events around the country. Companies in the industry host these events to allow writers an early look at new products and to educate us on the details. With this as the norm, I was not surprised when my Hook & Barrel editor asked if I could attend an event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to cover it for Silencer Central’s INSIDER micro-site that lives on hookandbarrel.com

silencer central brandon maddox
Silencer Central’s CEO Brandon Maddox is a visionary in the firearms/shooting industry. A huge plus for the entire 2A community.

Touring With Silencer Central’s CEO

Unlike most events I get to attend, the CEO of the company led the tour and fielded questions. Brandon Maddox is a mix of world-class businessman, and friendly neighbor next door. He is easy to talk to and quick to get into the weeds on detailed subjects like ATF rule interpretation. It is his ability to dig deep into the oft-complicated that drives his success. Maddox is very active with the ATF and the Department of Justice in general. He is quick to ask questions and, in some cases, they have no answers. Having been in the firearms industry for a long time, I can tell you that Brandon Maddox is a transformative figure in the industry. He pushes not just the legal questions but works on the legislative angles as well. Few are the people who are as active in advancing our Second Amendment rights as Brandon Maddox.

Inside Suppressor Jail At Silencer Central

The headquarters building and adjoining warehouse are extensive. Under the roof, they house all administration as well as products that are being held awaiting ATF clearance. While other parts of the building were interesting, the suppressor jail was jaw-dropping. There were countless long rows of industrial shelves from the floor to the ceiling. Each one was full of suppressors that had been purchased and were awaiting NFA paperwork. They estimate that there are approximately 80 million dollars in suppressors sitting in that secured area. It was just incredible to see. 


The Gunsmith Room

Another interesting area we visited was the gunsmith room. For those who may not be aware, Silencer Central has a barrel threading service. We toured the area, drooled over some of the more exotic guns they had in for work, and watched them thread a barrel. In fact, they were generous enough to thread a Remington 700 Barrel that I just happened to bring with me. 

Quiet Range Time With The New BANISH Speed K Ti

From there we headed to the range. Here we would not only get some time on their existing suppressors, but a new model as well. The newest can in their lineup is the BANISH Speed K Ti. This is a new titanium version of their popular Speed K can. The original BANISH Speed K was a joint design venture between Silencer Central and Federal Ammunition. “With the release of the BANISH Speed K, we are excited to bring professional-grade suppressor technology to the civilian market,” said Maddox. “This collaboration with Federal Ammunition has allowed us to create a suppressor that exceeds expectations in terms of performance, durability, and ease of use.”

The author and other media members were able to witness high-tech ways to determine sound reduction from Silencer Central’s BANISH Speed K Ti silencers.

Federal’s CEO and President Jason Vanderbrink is also very high on the partnership. “Our goal at Federal is to continually improve the shooting experience,” Vanderbrink said. “As an ammunition company driven by innovation, partnering with Silencer Central to engineer the BANISH Speed K continues our legacy of collaborating with industry partners to provide law enforcement, hunters, and shooters the best products while on duty, at the bench, or in the field.”

BANISH Speed K Ti Details

The Speed K is a short-body suppressor specifically made for 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem.-chambered rifles and large-format pistols. It mounts via direct threat to the muzzle. It is only 4 inches long, which adds about 3.5 inches to the overall length of your firearm. This is a huge difference from traditional suppressors. In order to give it solid sound performance, the Speed K was designed a bit heftier in diameter. It is a full 2 inches in diameter and is constructed using cutting-edge technology to ensure durability and longevity. The BANISH Speed K features an industry-standard hub that allows for direct thread or muzzle brake mounts along with any compatible QD mounting system.

The original BANISH Speed K was made from Inconel and had a heft weight of 14.1 ounces. The new titanium version drops down to a mere 8.2 ounces. While small it still has excellent performance—sound reduction of 24.4db at the muzzle and 20.6db at the ear in a 16-inch barrel. On the range, the new Ti version performed just as well as the original with a noticeable drop in weight. It is one of the best short cans on the market.

banish speed k ti

During our range session, the engineering team set up an actual sound test to show us how it worked. While I am familiar with the process, I have never seen it done. This was just a brief example of how open and friendly the team at Silencer Central is. They continue to raise the bar in everything from suppressor performance to customer service. An area where they are really moving is helping to shape the 2A landscape going forward. Brandon Maddox and Silencer Central are on offense in our 2A fight—a role model for the industry.

For more information, visit silencercentral.com

fred mastison shooting a banish speed k ti suppressor
Author Fred Mastison putting his new Silencer Central to work at his gun range in Arizona.

Specifications: BANISH Speed K Ti

Caliber: 5.56

Material: Titanium

OA Length: 4 inches

Circumference: 2 inches

Weight: 8.2oz (without mount)

Sound Reduction (16-inch barrel): 24.4db at muzzle, 20.6db at ear

MSRP: $1,399

The BANISH Backcountry Suppressor Is Made For Hunters
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