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deer hunting

deer hunting

How Valuable Are Shed Antlers?

How Valuable Are Shed Antlers?

Shed hunting is a very popular North American activity, and it continues to gain popularity. Fortunately, these antlers hold some value. When the white gold falls, dollars quite literally drop and hit the ground. But just how valuable are shed antlers? Why are they worth money? And how can people sell them?

10 weird things deer do

10 Weird Things Deer Do

Whitetails are majestic animals. They’re America’s favorite big game species. They’re one of the most researched animals in North America but are still shrouded in mystery. Despite that, we still know many things about these beloved creatures, and they do some weird and interesting stuff.

21 Late-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

21 Late Season Deer Hunting Mistakes

Deer season is winding down, and only some late-season action remains to be had. Hunters still packing tags can either throw in the towel or continue working to finish the season strong. For those who choose the latter route, avoid making these 21 late-season deer hunting mistakes.

Remington Premier Long Range

Remington Premier Long Range

Today’s factory hunting ammunition is so good that it can put a lazy gun writer out of work. A “10 Best Calibers for Deer” list doesn’t mean much today because excellent bullets and match-grade accuracy have narrowed the gap of effectiveness from one caliber to the next.

Deer Hunting Tactics

Every hunter seems to have their own set of rules they live by. These deer hunting tactics come from a local hunter in Southeastern Oklahoma where the free-range hunting is tough and countless lessons have been learned.

Nick Hoffman ‘s Wild Ride

There was a time when Nick Hoffman seemingly reached the apex as a musician, spending 12 years as Kenny Chesney’s fiddle player playing in sold-out stadiums before tens of thousands of fans. It was a wild ride.

Dry Age Venison

There is just something alluring about a glass-windowed dry-aging chamber. From Los Angeles to Manhattan, from Tokyo to London, restaurants offer dry-aged steaks to diners who happily pay premium prices—and for good reason—they taste delectable. So why not dry age your venison? Last year, one Vegas restaurant, Wally’s, served up the ‘most expensive steak ever …

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How To Process A Deer

Butchery with MeatEater’s Steve Rinella Butchery is one of those things that you just have to do in order to truly understand anatomy, muscles, and cuts. But did you know the most crucial…

8 Seconds

8 Seconds

Texas Deer Hunting Glancing down the sendero it’s void of life aside from the lone javelina that’s been milling around since dawn. I text my buddy to find out if…

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