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tomi lahren

Tomi Lahren: One-On-One With Outspoken, Outkick Conservative Commentator

Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the only child in a family of ranchers, shaped Tomi Lahren into the person she is now. “I was born and raised in South Dakota,” Lahren says proudly. “My parents still live there in the same house I grew up in. South Dakota is a big part of my life and my story—I wouldn’t change it for anything because growing up in the heartland, in middle America, shaped the way I look at the world. I was raised to respect the land and work hard. I’m from average blue-collar folks who passed that work ethic on to me.”

Tomi Lahren, The Early Days

In 2010, Lahren had her first glimpse into the political sphere when she served as the first intern in then-congresswoman (now South Dakota Governor) Kristi Noem’s Rapid City office. Now opposed to Governor Noem, Lahren appreciates the experience. “It was my first bite at politics.”

When she graduated from high school, Lahren wanted to expand her worldview, so she chose the University of Nevada Las Vegas and decided to major in broadcast journalism and political science. “I wanted to grow and understand, and I learned a lot in a short amount of time.” When asked what drove her to politics, she says, “It was watching the news and not feeling like the mainstream media saw people where I was from.”

tomi lahren

Lahren cut her broadcast teeth on a political show at UNLV called The Scramble. “I always knew broadcast was what I wanted to do,” Lahren says. “I like to start new things. I helped launch Fox Nation and was excited to start on Outkick when they became part of the Fox News family two years ago. I like to be on the forefront as part of my career trajectory.”

Lahren’s Fresh & Fearless Perspective

After eight years on Fox News, Lahren is a regular guest on Sean Hannity’s show and hosts No Interruption on Fox Nation. “I’ve been blessed to be a regular on Hannity,” Lahren says. “I provide a younger voice and a younger perspective to the audience.” 

Professionally, Lahren prefers the title commentator. “At Fox News, there is a clear delineation between the journalists and reporters and the commentators,” she says. “I cover the news, but I provide my opinions—and openly so. I’m a political talk show host.”

Ranching, Farming & Law Enforcement Advocacy

In addition to her broadcast work, Lahren is a passionate advocate for numerous causes. Growing up with parents who grew up on ranches, Lahren feels a special affinity for people in the ranching and farming industries, and she tries to advocate for those industries whenever she can. 

“Ranching is a tough industry, and many of our American ranchers are struggling right now,” she says. “Whenever I can, I try to lend my voice and advocacy to bringing attention to the plight of American ranchers and farmers and shine a light on these hard-working, good Americans.”

Lahren also supports law enforcement and border control. During President Trump’s term, Lahren made six visits to the southern border to meet with border control agents and experience what they see day-to-day. While not a hunter herself (“It’s not something I grew up doing”), she is a strong supporter of hunters and the Second Amendment.

tomi lahren

“You would be hard-pressed to find people more devoted to conservation and care for the land more than hunters,” she says. “In South Dakota, you’re raised to respect the land and be a good steward of all it provides.”

A Hat Tip To Judge Jeanine Pirro

When asked about career role models and mentors, Lahren is quick to say she’s built her career on being herself. “I’ve tried to be very individual,” she says. “I have my own distinct voice.” But she also mentions the “spry and spunky” Judge Jeanine Pirro, her colleague at Fox News as someone she respects. “She’s a friend and a huge inspiration,” Lahren says.

Tomi Lahren Is Fearless

With her eponymous show­—Tomi Lahren is Fearless—expanding to five days a week on Outkick, Lahren enjoys the opportunity to have long-form conversations on topics that are important to her and spend more time with guests, who have included former New York congressman George Santos. On the sports-heavy platform, “I have the most political show,” she says. Lahren has also learned that to connect to the audience, she must be herself. “You have to be authentic,” she says. “The audience can tell when you’re not yourself. I’ve been myself through everything.”

Syracuse Mets Baseball & Beyond

When not making waves in the broadcast world, you can often find Lahren at the ballpark watching the Syracuse Mets, the Mets Triple-A affiliate her husband coaches in upstate New York. “I have met some wonderful people at the ballpark,” she says. She also enjoys her new hometown of Nashville. “It’s as South Dakota as I’ve found anywhere but South Dakota,” she says.

As for the future, Lahren loves her position at Fox News. “I love being here,” she says. “It’s such a family. I want to continue to grow at Fox News and with my show on Outkick. I appreciate them because they let me be authentically me.”

tomi lahren

For “Daily” Tomi Lahren Content

Tomi Lahren is Fearless streams daily on Outkick.com at 1 p.m. Eastern. Visit Outkick.com today to check out past and current episodes.

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