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No matter which direction your compass takes you in the Ozarks, you won’t have to go far to find an outdoor adventure near Springfield, Missouri-50 Years of Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, celebrating its 50th year in 2022, brings the outdoors indoors in Springfield. A visit includes the rustic surroundings of a log cabin and a blazing fireplace, magnificent wildlife displays, a cascading indoor waterfall, aquariums filled with fish and more.

Guests can get a close-up view of Missouri snakes or dip their fingers in the turtle pond. In Uncle Buck’s Auditorium, a breathtaking view awaits: dozens of fish native to Missouri swimming in a glowing 64,000-gallon aquarium. 

Alongside its outdoorsy decor, Bass Pro Shops has a huge selection of outdoor supplies. Shoppers fond of the water can wander endless aisles of fishing equipment or the marine section offering swimming and boating equipment. For guests out to do some serious shopping, there is even a Tracker boat and RV showroom. Those who like to sleep under the stars will find a giant selection of camping equipment. Customers can even try out a tent and chairs set up around a gurgling indoor stream.

Outdoor enthusiasts who wait all year for hunting season won’t be disappointed by the supply of guns, archery equipment, and everything in between. They can even get extra practice at indoor shooting and archery ranges. 

No matter what outdoor adventure visitors are suiting up for, they can choose from a giant selection of apparel. From insulated camouflage to embroidered t-shirts, Bass Pro has something for every shopper. A section dedicated to little adventurers allows even children to deck out in everything they need, from sweatshirts to camo overalls.

With 300,000 square feet to cover, guests are bound to work up an appetite. They can choose from warm pretzels and popcorn from Uncle Buck’s Snack Bar or Hemingway’s Blue Water Café, a unique seafood dining experience that includes a spectacular 30,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.

Bass Pro Shops offers an outdoor world within its walls. Whether visitors are looking for wildlife, outdoor equipment, apparel, or a unique dining experience, they are sure to be swept up in the adventure.

More adventure is right next door to the Bass Pro megastore at Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium. Thousands of mesmerizing fish from around the world swim in aquariums that combined hold more than 1 million gallons of water. The wildlife galleries feature life-sized displays of animals, murals, live animals, and more dedicated to educating about the importance of conservation and the natural environment. 

After exploring the outdoors indoors, head out into the Ozarks to enjoy the real thing in and near Springfield. The city and surrounding area are filled with ways to enjoy and celebrate the outdoors, including the Ozark Greenways Trail Network and the Springfield Conservation Nature Center. More than 90 parks are available, with everything from small playground areas and greenspace to one featuring dozens of cultivated gardens and a farm park where kids can learn about agriculture and view farm animals.

Hiking, biking and waterways also beckon the adventurous. Opportunities for easy kayak rides, canoeing, catching a lunker in a pristine river or lake, water skiing, sailboating and more are all found inside the city or just minutes away.

Show caves are also available for every skill level, from Fantastic Caverns, where visitors ride through in the comfort of a tram, to Crystal Cave where duck walking or crawling is required. Just south of the city, Smallin Civil War Cave features an 11-story opening and paved walking trail that makes it accessible for people of all abilities. 

If you want to learn more about Springfield and the surrounding area, visit www.SpringfieldMO.org or call the Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-678-8767. North, south, east, west or right inside the city, you’re sure to find an outdoor adventure that’s perfect for you. 

For more about Bass Pro Shop, click here.


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