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These Key Holographic Weapon Sight Advantages Will Keep You in the Fight

The future is now when it comes to firearms sighting solutions. All shooting enthusiasts strive to get the most accuracy out of their favorite firearms.

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH’s Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) are among the most elite optics in the world. Selected by USSOCOM and battle-tested, EOTECH’s combination of technology and rugged build quality offers proven advantages to all who use them. Here are some of the key advantages of using EOTECH’s HWS.

Fast Target Acquisition

The most significant advantage of the Holographic Weapons Sight is that it offers extremely fast target acquisition. It allows for maximum situational awareness by providing a unique rectangular heads-up display that supports target engagement with both eyes open which maximizes the user’s peripheral vision and situational awareness. Its unlimited eye relief allows the user to position the sight anywhere on the firearm and allows for off-axis usage where proper cheek weld or sight alignment isn’t possible.

Holographic Weapon Sight

The Power Factor—Laser Diode vs. LED

The Holographic Weapon Sight offers other significant advantages over typical red dot sights. Because it is powered by a laser diode instead of an LED, the HWS offers the smallest aiming point in the industry. This, combined with the large outer ring, often known as the “donut of death,” provides unparalleled speed in engaging targets, while offering unmatched accuracy for a 1X optic. This advantage is compounded when the reticle is viewed under magnification. The aiming dot does not magnify in size as it does on LED-driven red dots. The user maintains the small 1MOA dot but now with a target that is magnified 3 to 5 times in size. This allows for more precise shots downrange.

More Reticle Options

Additionally, the holographic reticle is perceived by the shooter to be projected at the target, allowing focus on both the target and the reticle, whereas a red dot forces the user to shift focus back and forth from near to far—reticle to target. Holography also allows EOTECH to develop all types of reticle options including multi-dot ballistic solutions, stadia and ranging reticles, and solutions specific to unique platforms like less lethal or grenade launchers.

Holographic Weapon Sight

Versatility & Adaptability

HWS models feature more brightness settings than most red dots to better adapt to all lighting situations and some models offer brightness levels compatible with night vision. All units are powered by commonly found AA or CR123 batteries and include a battery check indicator and a user-controlled auto-shutdown of four or eight hours to ensure power won’t be wasted.

Tank-Tough Dependability

The Holographic Weapon Sight‘s integrated mounting base eliminates the need for rings, spacers, and screws that all have the potential to fail. The optics housing is protected by a ruggedized, aluminum hood, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of battle. The HWS glass can be shattered or covered in mud, snow, or rain and still function reliably and maintain zero—no other sight does this!

Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTECH HWS Options Abound!

The EOTECH HWS line offers a variety of features like mounting options, iron sight co-witness heights, NV compatibility, and colors.  For more information, please visit eotechinc.com.

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