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America Does NOT Have a Gun Violence Problem

America does not have a gun problem. It has social issues and the gun is the innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.  With that said, I want you to take everything you have been told about gun violence in America, set it aside for a second, and read the rest of this article with no preconceived notions or media bias. 

About Colion Noir

First, a little about me. I am the product of a father who is sharp as a tack; loves women, a lot; and loves freedom and food (he’s an executive chef). I am also the product of a mother with the biggest heart on the planet, a tenacious ability to deal with adversity, and a long-lost insecurity that she would raise a useless son (don’t ask me how I know this). My Dad and I have a great relationship now, but my mother mainly raised me. There were never any guns in the house. The first time I saw a gun that wasn’t riding on the hip of a cop was in college when a friend of my roommate at the time brought a gun into our campus apartment. The moment I saw the gun, I made him leave.  

colion noir

At the time, to me, guns were bad. Hell, I didn’t like the fact that cops had guns. I’d only seen guns used negatively, so I wanted nothing to do with them. Then one day, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to the shooting range. Initially, I declined, but curiosity and my pride got the best of me, and I decided to go. I was terrified, but I hid my fear. My friends are I are ruthless with each other when it comes to jokes and the last thing I wanted to do was give them the satisfaction and ammunition of knowing I was scared to shoot a gun. Ironically, I’d later learn that a number of them had never shot before and were too scared to do it.  

First Time Shooting

My first shot of the gun was as terrifying as I expected it to be, which makes sense, considering I was a first-time shooter shooting a .40 S&W out of a sub-compact gun. That’s gun guy talk for, “terrible idea.” However, after the second shot, I fell in love. A month later, I purchased four guns and was going to the range or gun store on an almost bi-daily basis. I was chasing the dragon, and over 50 guns later, I’m still chasing that dragon.  

Before you know it, I’m one of the most recognizable faces of the most prominent gun rights organization in the world, the National Rifle Association, and have over one million followers on YouTube

However, during the early stages of my firearm journey, I hid my guns from my mother. I knew for sure that if she found out I had guns, she would immediately think I was in a gang or had become a drug dealer. However, in reality, I was an ambitious law student who fell in love with one of the most feared and hated items on the planet, and everything I saw in the media was telling me that America as a whole has a gun violence problem.  

colion noir

America’s Real Problem with Violence

America does not have a gun violence problem. America has a suicide and inner-city gang violence problem.  

I think it’s fair to say, for something to be a national problem, epidemic, or whatever questionably hyperbolic adjective you want to use, it would at least be in the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. but gun violence is nowhere to be found on that list. You want to know what is, though. Suicide.  

Suicides & Gang Violence

On average, 36,383 people die from guns in this country annually. Of that 36,383, 22,274 are suicide while 12,830 are homicides. Twenty percent of all firearm homicides occur in the 25 largest U.S. cities. Of the 12,830 homicides in the U.S., nearly 81 percent occur in urban areas. That’s a nice way of saying the ghetto or inner-city. So essentially, if you don’t live in an inner city, your chances of dying from gun violence is incredibly low.   

The mere fact that firearm homicides are so heavily concentrated in the inner city should tell you that this isn’t a gun issue. Middle America has more guns than food, and they don’t have this type of violence. I’m a young black man with more than 50 guns; if guns were an issue, I wouldn’t be writing this article right now (and stop acting like you don’t know why I pointed out my race). It’s no secret that most of the people dying from gun violence in the inner city are young black men.  

colion noir
Colion Noir is one of the most recognized faces in the gun rights advocacy arena with over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and 1.5 million followers on social media.

To put it bluntly, America’s inner cities are socio-political microcosms of destructive culture. Gun violence is simply a by-product of these conditions. Everything that can go wrong in a community has and continues to go wrong in the inner city. We can debate the genesis of the state of our inner cities and the people and/or institutions responsible for it another time. What cannot be overlooked is what you get when you have a group of people living in abject poverty for generations, coming from broken homes, going to abysmally underfunded education systems, and being surrounded by a thriving narco-economy. What you get is unrelenting dysfunction, and where there is dysfunction, violence is soon to follow. Just so happens the weapon of choice to engage in this violence are guns. To call all of that a gun problem or even worse, creating laws that force the good people living in these decrepit conditions to give up their guns is to me socio-political malpractice.  

Knowing all of this, I now want you to imagine what the gun homicide numbers would be if our inner cities didn’t have these particularized issues? Let’s just say; you likely would not be reading this.  

When it comes to suicide, the only thing I can say is, if too many guns are what cause high suicide rates, we’d be leading the world in suicides, but yet again, we don’t. Hell, the top countries for suicide don’t even allow their citizens to own firearms. Forgive me if what I’m about to say seems tactless, but as tragic as they are, even if getting rid of guns would substantially reduce suicides, I’m not willing to give up my right to self-defense for it. Yes, I see giving up my guns as giving up my right to self-defense. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t have the tools necessary to effectively defend yourself, you don’t have the right to self-defense, and the gun is the most effective tool for self-defense.  

Guns Are Not the Problem

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand some people’s aversion to firearms. I used to be that person. I’m not here to tell you that guns are not dangerous; they very much can be dangerous in the wrong hands. However, it’s a danger that is easily mitigated with knowledge and a small amount of training. This is what the media never talks about. Learning to use and own a firearm safely is incredibly easy. The upsides to firearm ownership far exceed any perceived drawbacks. There is a concerted effort on the part of the media and a lot of people running for positions of power to dissuade as many Americans as possible from gun ownership. It’s not because they genuinely care about your well-being or the safety of the people you love, but because they know what a gun does to law-abiding citizens. No, it doesn’t turn them into bloodthirsty lunatics looking for their next kill. It empowers them. It enables them to take their safety into their own hands and not depend on anyone else. Our political leaders know you can’t control people who don’t rely on them for their safety, so they do their best to dissuade you from firearm ownership.  

The truth is, the likelihood of you ever needing to use a firearm to defend your life is slim to none. However, if the day comes, it’ll be the most important day of your life. You only get one life and trust me; there is nothing like the dread of helplessness you’ll feel if that day comes and you don’t have what you need to protect the most important thing to you, your life, and the people you love.  

I’m Ted Nugent, And I’m A Hunter       
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23 thoughts on “Colion Noir: America Does NOT Have a Gun Violence Problem”

  1. Well said Colion! These numbers are constantly conflated to villify guns themselves. Glad you’re out there fighting those dishonest tactics by the media and politicians. Thank you for all that you do!!

  2. Thank you for doing what you do! I personally dont own a firearm, but the people who around me who have guns, the safer I feel!??

  3. Thank you Colion Noir, your story and reasoning are well relatable and I appreciate what you stand and fight for. Let the people know the truth and let them finally understand and see what it really means to be self reliable when it comes to defending yourself and others, “When help is minutes away, Seconds are what truly matter.” We need to lift the wool for our eyes and stop thinking that we will never be in that type of situation but when it really happens is when it will truly matter. As Americans we really need to stop being arrogant and sheltered.
    I Applaud and Appreciate you and all that you do, please never stop or ever give up.

  4. To add a note, the police dont hear about someone with a gun until they have already fired shots. Quickest response time I’ve ever encountered was about 5min in sebring, fl- A town that takes 15 min to drive through. I’ve also eluded police for 2 whole hours once in the same shopping center for a violent crime before turning myself in after my mom called me about it. I was 19. it’s really easy to see them driving around. This was in jacksonville fl, one of the largest and most advanced forces in the state. 3 reasons why police aren’t a substitute for personal gun ownership. They deter and punish. Can only protect if they are already there.

  5. Mr Noir, I tremendously appreciate your stand and the manner in which you make it – no compromise, no apology, and from the historical truth that the most significant purpose of the 2A is deal tyranny. Keep it running! And BTW, you can count on the vote from this white, middle class, protestant, Southerner​ for NRA board, or preferably NRA President. Finally, you have been saying the same, and that is we should refer to violence as violence, not designate based on the weapon used. The term g** violence is an invention of the anti Constitution ilk to make an unknowing public believe that firearms are intrinsically more evil and different from any other weapon, including a machete.

  6. Anthony E Owens

    Thank You Colion for a very well written article. Most anti gun people seem to lose all logic when it comes to guns.

  7. First I would like to THANK YOU for all you are doing in speaking out against those who want to take away our rights and our ability to protect ourselves and family. I am not a highly educated man but for those who fear firearms need to understand is that decent and honest citizens are 100 percent aware that responsibility is the number one priority when possessing a firearm. Training, education and safety all play a major role when owning firearms. People with bad intentions will always find the means to commit harm or crimes against those in an honest society. Only law abiding citizens follow and obey the law those with bad intentions do not. Laws do not stop crime it only gives Government the means to punish those that have been caught breaking the law. People in Government and those with power and wealth are not out to protect us from gun violence, they only want complete and total control of the people, but as long as the people are allowed to keep and own firearms we keep them at bay from becoming a dictatorship, Governments job is to work for and to serve the people, We the people employ those in government and some of these people fear that we the people might some day have to remove them from Government and not by vote but by force. This is the soul reason for gun control, it will only protect those in positions of power and wealth.

  8. I like your message, your delivery, even your style. I believe that you truly care about freedom, especially our rights enumerated in the Constitution. However, you MUST divest yourself from the NRA.

    The rest of us are paying attention. Whatever good was done before, they have begun to cause more harm than good.

    Your connection, Colion, hurts your credibility. I don’t feel like you are a liar, but you are working for liars. How about repping GOA or the Second Amendment Foundation instead? You know, the people who work towards the cause you espouse.

  9. John McElhattan

    Great article Colion. I appreciate you giving your backstory and reasoning as to why this Constitutional right is so integral to remaining free. I am from Virginia. I will admit, I have usually trusted that logic and reasoning would prevail when it came to the proposal or implementation of Federal and State laws. When emotional manipulation can persuade people to abandon their rights for a “greater good,” I begin to worry. We have a long fight ahead of us in the future, and I mean at the ballot box, I sincerely hope arms are never raised in defense of this right. Thanks again for what you do. You and others inspire me to make my voice heard. I know it could mean vilification from those that support those types of laws, and I accept that. I will still regard those people as my fellow countrymen even though they are misguided. Education is key. A well informed and well armed populace is what will make this country continue to be a bastion of freedom for years to come.

  10. Protect your life and the people you love
    Buy a gun buy plenty of rounds and be prepared
    If ever you have to protect yourself are your loved ones
    But be ready
    Someone comes into your area are your space to do harm to you are your loved ones
    You can call 911 all you want
    But what do you think will happen in that 15 minutes
    And that is never the case it will take anywhere from @ least 30 to 40 minutes for law enforcement to get there
    Then they will have to assess the situation before coming to your door and going through your door because you did not come to the door
    Enter your home to find you and your family dead are dying
    The predator is nowhere in sight
    If you would’ve had a gun you would’ve had@ least a chance
    @ least arm your house the only thing between you and a predator is you
    Thank you Colion Noir
    I’m going to use your words here
    The second amendment of the Constitution it’s not a suggestion it is a directive exercise it
    Remember the second amendment protects the first amendment

  11. Awesome perception. Too bad the left will mindlessly follow what they are told. Still glad to see people such as yourself Colin who are willing to put fort the effort and time to point out the truth even though the majority doesn’t want the truth.

  12. Glennie D Wilson

    You have a place at my table, any time brother, the path of evil is to devide the people, and so far evil has successfully been doing so ,for evil does not pick sides, nor race.reviewing the past over and over is the only way to stop are past from continuing to kill all of are futures and are children’s futures ,with out are guns there we not be any future for any of us plain and simple . Most criminals are derive from evil and a criminal does not give a shit about laws nor will the ever abide by them ,ever .what part does every body on the side for no guns do they not under stand. There is no law that can be past that are for a criminal . And if you let evil con you into giving up the only life saving tool that are for fathers died to preserve for us knowing we would have to have, to combat evil ,for this is its world, and the only thing stopping evil for full control of all of us is are guns please make no mistake about this . god bless us all , for evil will never give up his guns and we dont want evil to be the only one with them.

  13. Glennie D Wilson

    Evil has left its mark on the world ,the proof of this, if any one is have trouble finding it . It is called history / slang for WAR. Evil lives there and were he can always be found

  14. In South Africa we say it’s better to HAVE a gun and not need one.
    You’ll never know when that day comes and you need that one important tool called a gun to protect yourself.

    Guns are never the issue it’s the human element that’s the problem in this world. Evil hearts for one is an example, it’s something people overlook yet it exist just good does and followed by socio-economic issues and inequality etc.

    I live on a low income “black” neighborhood in Johannesburg and I can not emphasize enough how important my gun is that I conceal carry every day!
    Because on my way to work early hours in the morning to catch a bus I have to walk through areas where most politician and law makers will never have to go through including their children which they probably wouldn’t even survive a day in my life.
    All I say is America keep your guns. You are so privileged to have the second amendment as a right.

  15. Sean-e-b-cradlerock

    Very well put Colion. It’s too bad that there are Soo many people who have been “brainwashed” into thinking that having a firearm to protect ourselves and our families, against bad People, including this iligitimate & Tyrannical govt.. it’s the very principal that our great Country is founded on!!

    1. Sean-e-b-cradlerock

      **brainwashed into thinking carrying or owning a firearm IS A BAD THING.. left that last part out of my initial comment and couldn’t find a way to edit my comment..

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