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austin williams

Delicious Recipe for Cajun Wild Turkey Nuggets Courtesy Country Music’s Austin Williams

Yo, Hook & Barrel’ers! Are y’all done filling your spring turkey tags? If so, it’s time to consider cooking up a wild turkey storm. Here’s a killer recipe courtesy of rising country music star Austin Williams, who by the way, happens to be a huge Hook & Barrel Magazine fan (Big hat tip to Austin!)

Austin Williams is a country artist to watch with more than 82 million streams, and he earned a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists list a few months ago after the release of his debut EP. 

Next to music, hunting is his favorite activity, and here he shares his favorite turkey season recipe—turkey nuggets! 

wild turkey nuggets
Kick your wild turkey eating up a notch with Austin Williams’ super-simple Cajun-style nuggets recipe.

Austin Williams’ Cajun Wild Turkey Nuggets



  • Cut boneless, skinless wild turkey into cubes (approximately 1 inch)
  • Soak in your choice of hot sauce and milk or butter for at least 3 hours 
  • Place cubes into a bowl
  • In a larger bowl, place Cajun seasoning mix and stir in turkey cubes
  • Drop turkey cubes into a pan of boiling hot oil. When the cubes float to the surface, remove them from the oil
  • Place cubes on a rack or paper towels to drain cooking oil
  • Serve with rice and gravy! 

austin williams
Editor’s Note: Be on the lookout for a future online “Jamming Out” session with Austin Williams to learn more about his life passions of music, hunting, and more. BTW… Austin’s latest single “Nothing Left But Leavin” is worth listening to when you’re done cooking in the kitchen, heading out to the deer stand, or just about any time!

More About Country Chef Artist Austin Williams 

Williams was born and raised just outside of Nashville, TN, and now, at 20 years old, he’s amassed millions of fans from all over the country (1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone!). Austin’s numbers are growing like wild turkey fire.

Earlier this year, Williams toured with Tyler Hubbard, Warren Zeiders, and Larry Fleet.

His latest single “Nothing Left But Leavin’” is out now. Listen here: ffm.to/aw-nothingleftbutleavin

Editor’s Note: Keep your eyes and ears wide open for Austin Williams content on Hook & Barrel. With Austin’s great interest in the outdoor sports, we’re sure to be featuring him in a future “Jamming Out” session.

Disclaimer: We may earn a modest commission from our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting us!

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