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Photo: Nicole Qualtieri

Bass Pro’s “3 Days of Deals” ends today. Here are the top deals from the massive sale.

Sales are aplenty at the moment and it can be hard to navigate so many of them. So, we do the dirty work of pulling the best of the best for any budget.

Below, you’ll find deals from Bass Pro anywhere from $24-2500. But all are steeply discounted. Check out our picks below.

Bass Pro Shop’s “3 Days of Deals”

RayBan Classic Aviators — Under $175 ($49 Off)

rayban aviators

These classics are perfect for outdoor use, with their polarization and durability. They also look cool on the town. Plus, they’ve been around since 1937. Say that about any other pair of sunnies on the the market.

Vortex Diamondback Binoculars 10x42mm — Under $140 ($90 off)

vortex binoculars, 3 days of deals

I’ve owned this exact pair of binos for 9 years and they still hold up. For about $140, you can have the perfect pair of binos for hunting anywhere in the country. They also make a great backup pair for the truck, which is where mine live at all times.

YETI Rambler 14-oz Mug with Magslider Lid — Under $25 ($6 Off)

yeti mug, 3 days of deals

If you saw how many YETI mugs live in my home, you’d likely judge me. I’m actually drinking out of one right now. But I’ll tell you this. They don’t break. They’re easy to clean. And they keep drinks the way I like ’em.

They are a bit expensive, but guess what? They’re less expensive today!

Orca 75-Quart Cooler — Under $325 ($108 Off)

3 days of deal, orca cooler

Orca coolers match up to, um, an aforementioned brand really, really well. They also cost much less. A 75-quart cooler is nice to have in the rig whether you’re hauling meat out from deer camp or the drinks to keep your buddies sated. This is a heckuva deal on a nice, nice cooler.

I’ll add that I like the net on the back on this thing. It’s a great spot to keep any manner of things. Plus, these babies are made in the US of A.

QuietKat 17″ Ranger 10 E-Bike — Under $2500 ($1300 Off)

quietkat e-bike

E-bikes are all the rage, and if you’re in the market, there couldn’t be a better deal out there. QuietKat is known for catering to hunters and folks who love the outdoors. I’ve ridden one of these bikes and it’s a pretty fun experience.

Plano Weekend Series Deluxe Tackle Bag — $35-50 (27% Off)

Offered in multiple sizes, this deluxe tackle bag offers organization to step up your fishing game. A waterproof-molded base keeps it in place without getting soggy. Molle panels mean you can add more gear, and 2 stowaways keep gear tucked accordingly.

Two sizes are currently available.

World Wide Sportsmen Deck Boots — Under $51 ($34 Off)

deck boot

I love me some deck boots. They’re essentially waterproof slippers. This pair is highly rated and has a ton of traction on the foot to keep you in place.

It’s offered in two colors, and available in plenty of sizes.

Bass Pro Wooden Cornhole Set — Under $100 ($40 Off)

cornhole set

We all need a little fun in our lives. Cornhole is a classic way to do that. It’s easy to travel with, can come to hunting camp, a BBQ at a park, or just in the backyard for a casual hang. This is a nice set with the classic Bass Pro branding. It makes a great gift for the extroverts in your life as well.

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